Muscle Stimulation Devices Market is Thriving Worldwide By Size, Revenue, Emerging Trends and Top Growing Companies 2027


Global Muscle Stimulation Devices Market: Overview

Used to stimulate motor nerves, muscle stimulation devices are set to witness surge in demand over the forecast period of 2019 to 2027. They use reasonably low voltage and that adds to their popularity. As per Transparency Market Research, the global muscle stimulation devices market will record steady growth over the stated period. And, multiple trends and growth drivers will keep the market buoyant. Some of the reasons include benefits such as non-evasive electrotherapy, cheaper option and portability, reduction in pain, no side effects, and growing number of people opting for physical exercises, where these devices can be used to aid warm-up and even rehabilitation in case of an injury. It is quite pertinent to note here that impressive opportunities will arise as a result of this growth.

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Global Muscle Stimulation Devices Market: Competitive Landscape

The competitive vendor landscape of global muscle stimulation devices market is witnessing players taking active measures to battle out competition. A keen focus is on improving distribution channels and developing innovative products. Various strategies such as forging strategic alliances based on mutual synergies, and technological advancement are also often deployed. These strategies and measures opted for in order to carve a sizeable share of the revenue also lead to growth in the market.

Renowned and proactive names in the fragmented vendor landscape of global muscle stimulation devices market are the following:

  • NeuroMetrix, Inc.
  • OMRON Corporation
  • BioMedical Life Systems, Inc.
  • Zynex, Inc.
  • EMS Physio Ltd.
  • DJO Global, Inc.
  • Beurer GmbH

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Global Muscle Stimulation Devices Market:  Key Trends and Drivers

A slew of growth factors have been identified by Transparency Market Research for the forecast period. From the extensive list of trends and drivers that are provided in the global muscle stimulation devices market in the upcoming market research report, the prominent ones are detailed out below:

  • Cases of chronic pain and muscle injuries are increasing and that is driving-up demand for muscle stimulation devices. This is a result of growth in number of people opting for sports. Besides, there is technological advancement and adoption of state-of-the-art techniques is supporting the growth further. Players in the market are also highly focused on this aspect.
  • Geriatric population is increasing in the world. People aged 60 and above will grow to a number of 2 billion by 2050, a marked increase from 2017’s 960 million (approximately). Besides, over the world, one in every six people will be aged 65and above. This will drive demand for these devices by a considerably value

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Global Muscle Stimulation Devices Market:  Regional Analysis

Over the forecast period, while North America is anticipated to dominate the global muscle stimulation devices market, it is Asia Pacific which is set to record a stellar growth rate. The former would reap benefits of presence of prominent market players marking its landscape, technological advancement and adoption, and increasing investments poured in by government.

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Number of sports injuries in the region is also quite high. This, therefore, is set to contribute to growth in the global muscle stimulation devices market. The latter, on the other hand, will grow at the back of growing adoption of pain management therapies, increasing awareness regarding health and fitness, leading to increase in sports participation, and exercise, and adoption of smart devices my more and more people in the region.

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