Moving Into a House for the First Time? Don’t Overlook These 10 Things


If you have decided to move into a new house then you should have to make ready your paper and pen to note down the things which are compulsory for you. You should have to complete your homework before starting your move. This is the first and the most important step to follow to get the stress-free move. There are some most important steps which you have to do before the start your moving.

  1. Reputation of the moving company

If you are living in Dorking, UK and you are searching for the best man and van Dorking then you may get a recommendation from your friends and neighbors as well. You must have checked the reputation and services of the respective moving company before hiring for your move.

  1. Measurement of your new home

Before shifting to the new home you should have to get the exact measurements of the new house because it will help you out to select the preference of the items which you want to move with you in the new house.

  1. Cleaning of your new home

Your new house should be clean before you shift your household items into the new house. It will be very difficult to clean the complete house when you will unload the complete items in your respective home. Hire any person for cleaning process and bring your complete items in a better way.

  1. Transferring the utilities

Transfer of the utilities is very much compulsory and you should have to clear the due amount of your utility before shifting to the new house respectively.

  1. Select the date of your move

After managing all these things now you have to select the exact date and time of your move to the new house respectively. Make sure you have completed all those essential things before your move so you may get the stress-free and smooth move.

  1. Labeling the boxes

Don’t forget to mention the boxes related to the packed items respectively. It will allow you to get the things when you will reach in your new house. Another benefit of labeling these boxes is to get the clear view of the packed items in the boxes. If there are fragile items in the boxes, then it will be easy to manage those boxes while loading them into the truck.

  1. Search for the best school

If you are moving with your kids then you should have to search before your move about the best schools around your new house so without wasting the time you can get the admission of your kids.

  1. Search for the nearest medical center

Medical centers are also very much important to know before your move. In case of an emergency, you can directly get approach to the respective place. You may also get assistance in this regard from the man and van Dorking to guide you the exact and smooth way to the respective place so you may not face any type of problem in finding the place.

  1. Packing of the essential bag

Don’t forget to pack the essential bag which you have to carry with you in your new house. The essential bag should carry those items which you will use on the first night which you will spend in your new home.

  1. Spread the email

You should have to spread a common email to all your friends, utility service providers and the financial institutes regarding the updating of your new mailing address. It this case they will contact you on your fresh mailing address so in future you would get up to date with any type of update.

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