Moving for College: 10 Things You Must Do Before Your First Day


Moving into a new house or apartment for college can be quite a hassle that requires a lot of preparations, unboxing and boxing, cleaning, maintaining, and the possibility that all these obligations won’t be met due to the fact that being young means prioritizing enjoyment above all. 

However, all you have to do is focus on what you’re supposed to do, what to expect, and how to prepare. The fun will always be there, and it’s most rewarding to do the unavoidable necessities before enjoyment. 

Here are some things you need to ensure before moving to a new house:

1. Update

Update your friends and family about the move; it is essential that the people close to you can still connect with you and know where you are. This is vital so that important mail and letters will still reach you on time. It is highly encouraged to do these updates a week or two before moving into your new house. 

2. Connectivity

Make sure the new house has an internet connection, has a telephone line, and a cellular signal. Fast communication is always needed for emergency purposes and supplies, food, academics, and service purposes.  

3. Clean Home

It will always be convenient to move into a house that’s already cleaned. Spending the first weeks in a new house cleaning, or sneezing, or just feeling stuffy will be a really less ideal first day for a new house. You also have to check whether the home you are moving into has a water softener to ensure that the water won’t compromise your health. If it can be helped, it will be essential to hire a professional who knows what to do and how to do it. 

4. Minimalism

You’re just moving in for academic purposes, and it’s not really of permanent nature. It is wise to carry a few things with you, and just the essentials will suffice; no need to bring a whole house with you. Minimalism will be the best strategy to adapt, to lessen the unnecessary and make the most out of the things available. 

5. Environment

Familiarize yourself with your new surroundings; it will take time, and eventually, you’ll assimilate with the locals. It is in your best interest to hasten this transition, and it can significantly affect or be a factor in your stay. It’ll be best to know the weather, the people, the animals, the neighborhood, the political climate, the local news, and other issues that affect the area. These are the things that you should be up to date with. 

6. People

Be acquainted with the people around your new house or apartment, try to make new friends and social circles. Being somewhere that’s totally new will feel lonely at times. It is best to make new friends that you will confide in and help you through the journey. Your family can only visit for some time, and you’ll eventually have to stand on your own and soldier on. 

7. Resources

Finding other avenues to gather resources will be of great advantage. Is there an establishment in which you can apply for a job, somewhere that’s relatively near your new house? You can apply to local restaurants, libraries, or even babysit if possible and available. 

8. Emergency Contacts

Save or write down all the possible emergency contacts that might help in emergencies: the national emergency hotlines, your parents’ numbers, and other contacts that will help during emergencies. Then, stick your contact list on the refrigerator or somewhere that can easily be accessed.  

9. Accessibility

Before moving in, it is wise to know the accessibility of your new house too and from other establishments, the travel time, and traffic flow. It is best to learn how to navigate yourself within the area of your new house. 

10. Extra Keys

Never forget to secure extra keys, at least two or three spare keys. It is best to be prepared for this type of situation. Being locked out of your own house is one of the most frustrating predicaments to be in. So it is wise to prioritize keeping some extra keys with you or hidden somewhere only you know. 

Going to college and having a new house is not only exciting but a position in which comes with inherent obligations. College itself demands time and the pressure to pass all subjects. Moving into a new house or apartment also requires time and maintenance. However, this is an opportunity or avenue to practice the art of time management and being responsible. Good luck with your endeavor, and enjoy. 

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