Mother of the Bride Wedding Dress Tutorial


A wedding brings a lot more than just celebrations. It is an occasion where other than the feelings and emotions, luxury and party is seen. One tries the maximum to get the best food to the guests and to provide the best possible hospitality. They not only try to organize the best things and spend a lot of money in achieving the luxurious ambiance but also spend a lot on their dresses.

Just like the bride and groom, mother of the bride dress is of great importance, and same is the case with the mother of the groom. Mother of the bride dresses are carefully chosen, and once she bought the dress, she informs about it to the bride’s mother to avoid the repentance.

There are many traditions linked to the mother’s dress. This is the reason that there is a wide variety of mother of the bride’s outfits available out there in the market for the price as expensive as the bride’s wedding gown. Designers are specially hired to design the mother’s dress.

It is of as important as the outfit of the bride. It is recommended that the mother of the bride dress should be not of the same color tone or the similar to the color tones of the bride’s dress. However, almost all the colors are worn and designed.
There is a wide range if variety available in almost all the shapes and sizes in thousands of designs at different prices. Here are some things that you should keep in mind while getting a perfect mother of the bride dress.

You will not be attracted towards the color of the dress of the bridesmaid. However, choosing the tone that compliments the bridesmaid shades, will prove to be a smart move. You will look like the queen of the fairies surrounded by the bridesmaids. This will also add a color scheme to the ambiance, and the view will look great.

Usually all the colors are worn by the mother of the bride and groom. However some colors get popular in a specific season. Nowadays, the shades of blue are quite popular among the community and market is also full of dress of such hues. These soft tones represent elegant, softness, and sophistication. From the navy blue to the powder blue, all shades are hot in this season.

Porcelain blue is seen as the most common and the graceful one. It adds real elegance to the mother of the bride dresses. Ladies in this color look fantastic, and one other good thing about it is that as it is hot in fashion these days, you can find all the supporting jewelry, shoes, and other matching and complementing accessories of the same color.

When talking about the material of the fabric, satin is at the top of the list. In accessories, hats are very popular. They look nice and decent. However, you must decide it according to your dress and other factors.

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