More Safety & Many More

More Safety & Many More


“Safe driving”, haven’t we been told that all too well when we first sat behind the wheels to whizz off in a swanky car? Maybe by our parents, our driving instructor or our friends, safety comes first and this is what we see as awareness being created by the youngsters around. One of the foremost driving trends we are totally getting obsessed with is cruising into summer with convertibles and arriving in style, with a luxury car under $50k has a range of user-listed data for the thousands of cars on our free classifieds site.


What are the other youth driving trends the youth of today talking about across social media? Let’s take a look!


“The “Arrive in style” initiative is in addition to Toyota efforts that include web sites devoted to teenage drivers and how they drive. The campaign is being created by Teen Vogue and an agency that works for Toyota, the Dentsu America unit of Dentsu.” Source: NYTIMES

The millenials have spoken

Who are the millenials? Of late we have heard about this term way too much, and to put it simply, teens and the youth in the age group of 18-24 form the millennial clan! But apart from a positive trend that we are talking about, sources say millenials are willing to ditch the car for the internet and smartgadgets!

What then is the solution?

Reports and studies suggest, most car manufacturers and makers are looking at the social media platforms to find ways to grow the sales market, with regard to cars. It is very well known that the millenials want more; and with all the techno gizmo gadgets and advancement of technological concepts in their hands, they would not just want cars to drive them around, but something more to hang out with- they don’t mind doing it virtually.

The need to stay connected

Not just stay connected, but to be connected and this is a huge issue for car makers across the nation. There are many more reasons why technological concepts in cars and in the hands of the millenials behind the wheels can be hazardous for the roads. Worse than drinking and driving, talking on the phone or using the smartphone and driving seems to be a growing reason for accidents. Transportation departments across many countries are finding ways to inhibit the driver’s need to use a phone when being on the road. From voice activation to docking stations and more; they are trying everything they can!

What are the initiatives to be taken?

One of the gravest issues facing the roads when young men and women, namely the millenials, drive around would be the ‘driving dangers’ associated with being online on the go and driving at the same time.

Most companies are educating drivers and making them aware of not multi-tasking when driving, and there are new segments especially for teens and millenials to adhere to as well. This is because of the high rates of distractions seen with the youngest age groups on the roads, as compared to young adults and above, since they are so connected while being behind the wheel.

We end this note by saying “BE SAFE WHEN YOU DRIVE”! Your thoughts on the trends in auto driving please!