Money Saving Tips and Hacks For Booking Hotels


Finding the best accommodation is the most important as well as hardest part when it comes to travelling. Travellers get overwhelmed because of countless hotels, confusing reviews, several booking apps, websites and options. It is really hard to choose a good one because hotels are expensive and if not choose wisely it may ruin travelling budget.

Sometimes even good hotels or 5-star hotel do not provide the quality services that travellers were expecting at the time of booking. That’s why it’s not obvious that one can get all just by booking an expensive hotel. Scoring a good deal is the real game when it comes to booking a hotel. Scoring a good deal means getting quality services and enjoying the amenities without breaking your bank. There are several money saving tips and hacks for booking hotels that help in saving dollars from dodging commission charges to getting free upgrades. Use these tried-and-tested hacks and strategies to get the best hotel deals and get the most of your stay.

  1. Set Priorities And Then Finalize Your Budget

Choosing good accommodation really depends on the style of holidays and preferences of the travellers. Because some go on the business tour who need to spend more time in hotel so they prefer luxury hotels and some travellers or tourists who spend more time in exploring the new places and less in hotels. So, it is important to start searching by keeping in mind what type of hotel you actually need. Then set budget accordingly and start searching for good deals.

  1. Be flexible with the Schedule

Another great way to save money is booking outside the peak season and on weekend. Of course, the rates are higher during the peak season because of more demand and business. For example, summer season (from May to September) is the best time of the year to explore the North like Canada and US. Therefore, the cheap hotels in Saskatoon or Canada get more expensive in these days. But you will get a good a deal in the off season or mid-week days. Staying at the mid-week days is always the best option to save money because it is observed that Sunday’s stays are relatively cheaper than those of Saturday and Friday.

  1. Ask For Free Room Upgrades

Getting free room upgrades is the best way to get more quality in less money. But don’t hesitate to ask for the upgrades because usually the hotel staff have options and those people only get discounts a better room who just ask about it. Don’t ask for a room upgrade at the time of booking. If there is a special event behind travelling like birthday or anniversary celebration then let them know and enjoy more perks.

  1. Subscribe To Hotel Memberships And Reward Schemes

Many hotels offer membership and reward schemes allowing the members or subscribers to get more deals or discounts on booking hotels. It is a great opportunity to grab good deals on hotels and enjoy more amenities at low rates. Many travellers who sign up for the membership of the Sherwood Park hotels get more perks and quality services at low prices. It is suggested to sign up for the hotel reward scheme or loyalty programs to get complimentary room upgrades, breakfast and special weekend discounts.

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