Microturbines Market to Set Phenomenal Growth by 2025


The global microturbines market is expected to register a robust growth, thanks to growing demand for energy, limited and unreliable supply of energy in emerging regions, and growing demand for on-site energy creation. The microturbines market is also expected to be driven by increasing technological advancements driving efficient and sustainable energy creation. Some key players in the global microturbines market include Bowman, Capstone Turbine Corporation, Flexenergy, Bladon Jets, Ansaldo Energia, Icrtec, Brayton Energy, and 247solar.

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The global microturbines market is also driven by the extreme efficiency and optimum design. The microturbines combine the manufacturing economics along with an aircraft’s auxiliary power system to form a turbocharger. Additionally, these systems eliminate the usage of both water systems and oil which are common among reciprocating engines. Moreover, the smaller microturbines also exhibit the efficiency and performance of large gas turbines, making its widespread penetration in various industries a reality. Furthermore, growing advancements in microturbines are expected to increase their uptime in the near future and bring a considerable reduction in maintenance costs. This is expected to create significant opportunities for growth for various players in the global microturbines market.

The global microturbine market reached an evaluation of US$60 mn in 2016. It is expected to grow at a notable 8% CAGR during 2017-2025. Based on power rating, the microturbine market is expected to witness the highest demand in the 250KW segment. The segment accounted for over 50% market share in 2016 and is expected to grow considerably in the near future. The global microturbine market is also expected to register significant growth in North America. Stringent environmental regulations along with necessary incentives are expected to drive the microturbines

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Low Costs and Unreliable Supply to Drive Robust Growth 

Strong manufacturing activity in Asia Pacific is adding immense pressure on the infrastructure of several emerging nations. Among these, only a few like China have the infrastructure necessary to cope with the demands of a large population and a growing manufacturing activity. Many countries like India, Vietnam Indonesia are still plagued with widespread power cuts and unreliable power supply. Additionally, microturbines present an immense potential for growth for several industries, for whom the initial investment costs do not pose a concern. Additionally, reliable power supply ensures a continuous production and relatively low costs of power generation present a major opportunity for growth for many. Hence, growing manufacturing activity, unreliable power supply, and lucrative opportunities for growth are expected to drive significant growth for the microturbines market in the near future.

The growing use of microturbines with CHP systems which are much more efficient and growing incentives in North America and Europe for the use of these systems are expected to result in significant new avenues for players in the microturbines market.

Investment Costs to Limit the Growth of the Microturbines Market 

The microturbines market products are expected to face a stiff competition from alternative sources of power generations such as reciprocating engines. The installation prices of of microturbines can vary in the range of $US 700-1100 per KW. These are significantly higher as compared to alternatives like reciprocating engines. Additionally, microturbines also represent a major initial investment chunk in investment costs. With economies of scale, in the near future, these costs are expected to come within the range of US $400- US$600. This along with economic incentives to use microturbines can be a major impetus for growth for the global microturbines market. However, currently unrecuperated microturbines offer low ratios of fuel-to-electric efficiency. Recuperated microturbines can offer slightly higher energy efficiency However, this also remains a key concern for players in the microturbines market.

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