Microsoft’s New Built in VPN on Microsoft Edge


Are you wanting a safer browser experience? Are you looking for the security that a VPN provides you with but you don’t want to spend the money on a VPN tool or application? Then you’ll be pleased to hear about Microsoft’s newest update to Microsoft Edge, their own browser tool – it will include a free built-in virtual private network service to its users. 

This newest feature, called ‘Edge Secure Network’ is being currently tested out in the Cloudflare-powered VPN service and is to be rolled out soon to the public as part of a security upgrade. This VPN, or virtual private network, will be powered by Cloudflare and is a part of Microsoft’s much larger journey of increasing security for its customers in all kinds of innovative and helpful ways. 

For anyone wanting a safer browsing experience online, Edge Secure Network will encrypt your web traffic so that internet service providers are unable to collect any of your personal browsing history or data that you would rather be kept private – you will also be able to hide your current location by user a virtual IP address that can be provided to you. This also means that restricted country content will now be able to be viewed by users if they so wish to watch blocked content such as Disney Plus or Hulu shows which might not be available in their country. 

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There might have been some hesitancy to move to Microsoft Edge from the much used and well-known browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox for example, but offering a free virtual private network service to their users is really a first and is a really great reason for people to make the switch – Edge Secure Network is a trailblazer and is a much welcomed add-on that  many people will see the benefit in. 

While there are a few restrictions in place in its infancy stages, the appeal is still great – you will be limited to a maximum usage of 1GB of data per month at the moment, and you will of course need to have an active Microsoft account to be able to make use of this service, but the benefits are really still great – a trusted, reliable and free VPN service is something many of us have been looking for! It’s smart too – the Edge Secure Network will be able to pick up once you start browsing on your device, and automatically turn on the ‘Secure Network’ as it has been titled, once you are finished and exit the browser, the ‘Secure Network’ is switched off again.

If you do have a Microsoft account, you can begin using your free 1GB allowance of free VPN usage now – just be sure to be signed in and start browsing on your Edge browser. Your usage will be tracked across all signed in devices and wiped after a month – be sure to check it out and see what you think yourself of this great new feature which is sure to be a massive drawing card for users switching to Microsoft Edge in the future.

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