Medical Uses Of Flowers


Flowers are the most beautiful species created by God. Flowers have become a universal sign of love and beauty, but are there other reasons to love these vibrant plants? Not only can an arrangement of colourful flowers lend a touch of beauty and a pleasant fragrance to the room, but they can also actually have a whole host of other health and medicinal benefits, too. Research shows that there are both mental and physical benefits to being surrounded with flowers, from their petals down to the roots.

People use flowers a lot during Valentine’s Day, whether as a gift or as decor, there are endless uses of them. However, we must also be aware of the medicinal uses of these flowers on our health and environment. If you are looking to buy online flowers then Gifts N Roses is a great place to find beautiful arrangements for Valentine’s Day. Without any delay, let’s find out the medicinal benefits of all these flowers:


When detached from their plant base, the result one gets is the carnation petals or flowers. These petals can be brewed with warm water to make steaming a good cup of tea that can be used to reduce stress, tension and anxiety. Moreover, it has a healing effect on the skin and reduces swelling and redness. So, now when you send flowers to Mumbai to your loved ones it will make them happy and be useful in more than one way. They can feel their serene beauty and then later use their petals for various purposes.


Jasmine is one of those beautiful flowers that hold a unique and calming aroma, which is distinct as well as calming. It’s a very strong scent that helps us to stay calm and reduces stress and anxiety. Its petals can be used as a medicine to apply on cuts and bruises. Jasmine Tea is extremely beneficial in menstrual pain. Doctors recommend fresh jasmine tea to reduce anxiety and insomnia.


This flower looks very similar to marigold. Calendula is one of the most multi-purposeful flowers. It is used in medicine and even as an incest repellent. This flower is edible and extremely beautiful. It is extremely beneficial in healing sore throats and menstrual cramps. It can also be mixed with natural moisturizers and lotions as it has various healing and moisturizing properties.


The lotus is said to be a very sacred flower. It has been sung in legends and offered to gods since centuries. Apart from this, it is used as a medicine to treat fever, diarrhoea and bronchitis. The syrup made from Lotus stem heals sore throats and bad coughs completely. It is a huge, beautiful flower with several additional properties that make it extremely special.


This flower is an extremely good source of the vital nutrient, Vitamin C. Tea brewed from rose petals cures constipation. Its petals are used to extract rose flavour and help with mental health issues like depression. You can even eat these petals as they increase blood circulation in the body. Rosewater is widely used as a beauty cleanser and makeup remover. It also helps to clean any impurities in the eyes. Rose petal is also used as a remedy for acne and skin impurities.


Chrysanthemum is another flower whose petals are used to brew a great cup of tea. It also helps in relieving people from pain, fever and cold. The paste of these flowers is used to soothe eyes and skin. They are not just pretty but are known to fight many ailments. It is a natural pain-reliever.

Hopefully, all these benefits were enough to tell you that flowers are not just pretty, they carry numerous medical benefits too. So, consider this while you choose to send flowers online to Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, or any other state in India via

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