Matt Czuchry Knows The Answer To The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Cliffhanger


The “Gilmore Girls” recovery left us with many inquiries (Rory, heels on a news-casting task, truly?), however the significant riddle hanging over our heads is the way to the last four words.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read encourage in the event that you haven’t viewed “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.”

In the end snapshots of the recovery, the highly advertised last four words were at last uncovered to be, “Mother?” “Better believe it?” “I’m pregnant.” To make things much all the more stunning, viewers are left to figure the paternity of Rory’s youngster.

We may be absolutely oblivious about who the father is ― we do have our hypotheses ― yet there’s one “Gilmore Girls” star who’s been enlightened: Matt Czuchry.

“As far as those last four words, it truly is Amy and Dan’s last four words. It is their story. I’m extremely defensive over those four words. They told me who is the father of that child,” he told The Huffington Post at AOL Build Series.

“On the off chance that they ever need to uncover that, they can do that, yet I think at this specific point, I think the object is … to quick forward and say, what sort of mother would Rory be, what sort of grandma would Lorelai be [and] as far as whoever the father is would they be in such individual’s reality. Would it be not quite the same as Christopher or would it reflect that totally? Those stories aren’t told yet.”

“I think the fun is for everyone to concoct those hypotheses and play that out in their psyches,” he included.”

Despite the fact that Czuchry played hesitant, the negligible truth that he knows who the father just gives more confidence to our hypothesis that Logan is the father, yet Rory will wind up with Jess.

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