Living Far Away From Your Workplace Can Be More Damaging Than You Think


Daily commutes to work are different for everyone. Some have smooth commutes that pose zero inconveniences, while others experience a much harsher trip to work. This daily activity is often affected by the distance between home and the workplace. These trips are even worse when living in cities.

With that, people who live far from their workplaces often experience longer commutes than those who live nearby. While the mode of transportation does affect the overall travel time of a person, it does little to mitigate the other negative effects of living far away from the workplace. To help people understand how this is a larger problem than it may seem, let’s look into several consequences that come with living far from the workplace.

A Long Commute Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

As mentioned prior, living far away from the workplace can result in a longer commute period. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of other negative outcomes that come with this situation.

Daily Traffic 

In an urban setting, heavy traffic is part of everyday life. Traffic congestion is a major and often common problem among large cities. People who live far from their workplaces may suffer from this problem the most. Since they spend more time on the road, people with far residences are at a higher risk of experiencing heavy traffic.

This can be detrimental to several aspects of their lives. For one, being in traffic is a massive waste of their valuable time. They could have used their time in traffic doing something productive at work or resting at home. But instead, they sit and wait in heavy traffic.

Apart from that, being stuck in traffic is a huge waste of gas. Being in heavy traffic causes the car to idle, which burns more gas. This causes cars to expel more fumes into the atmosphere.

Being stuck in traffic is a waste of gas and it hurts the environment even more. But of course, there are ways to go around this dilemma. People who live far from their workspaces can leave their homes earlier, so they can avoid the rush hour traffic.

Apart from that, they can also learn how to ride motorcycles that can easily flow between vehicles. Of course, this depends on the legality of lane splitting in their state. But motorcycles are smaller and can pass through vehicles easier compared to cars.

But they should also know that accidents involving motorcycles are common. They are generally more dangerous than riding cars. In case an accident occurs, there are always attorneys for motorcycle injuries or accidents who can help them out. But of course, people who want to learn to ride motorcycles should drive safely.

Higher Expenses 

Living far from the workplace ultimately makes one spend more money. This is mainly because being stuck in traffic uses up more gas. People who are far from their workplaces have to fill their gas tanks more often.

This can still be a financial burden even when using public transportation. Being far from the office means more trips on any public transportation system. Public transportation fares would accumulate over time. This can still be a hefty sum.

With that, living far away from the workplace is not cost-effective. Expenses for transportation mainly become higher when living far from the office. If employees are cannot accommodate this extra expense, it would be wise for them to live somewhere nearer their workplaces.


Being far from the workplace also takes a toll on one’s productivity. Waking up early to travel long distances can be exhausting. They are sacrificing their time to escape the horrors of the congested city streets. Apart from that, being stuck in traffic can even drain more energy from a person.

Being perpetually tired can cause people to lose focus. This will ultimately affect how well they perform at work or school. They cannot rest properly because they often wake up early and go home late. This can become a vicious cycle that will result in lower productivity.

Also, this distance may cause them to be late for work more frequently. Being late to work more often can hinder them from doing more at work. It can even damage their career in the long run.

Problems that arise when living far away from the workplace is more than just the distance between home and work. People have to sacrifice a massive amount of their time, energy, and money just to show up to work every day. Living far away from work requires enduring patience. If one can’t handle this, then it’s time to find a new place to stay. Preferably, somewhere nearer.

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