Live-in Care Provides A Better Quality Of Life Than A Care Home


Read about the difference between live-in care and care homes to see exactly why your quality of life will be better with care provided to you in your own home.

Live-in care is a practical and affordable alternative to care homes and in some cases it can be a lot cheaper than a nursing home. The carer is also able to benefit from this scenario because they get higher rates of pay, and they save money with utility bills and basic bills they get a break from at home.

Clients can also remain in their home surrounded by beloved pets, family and friends along with all their favourite familiar things. Hobbies and clubs can remain, as well as contact with life-long projects like a well-tended garden or vegetable patch.

Caring for the elderly is an important decision and live-in care provides independence to the client, and assurance to the family of the client who can feel at ease knowing their relative is cared for around the clock.

For those suffering a disease that causes confusion and requires strong routines, like dementia, remaining at home adds an additional benefit because of the fact they can stay in familiar surroundings.

Bespoke Care

Excellent care agencies will provide a bespoke service with each and every client getting individual assessments so their individual needs can be met. Clients and home helps should be closely matched so that trust can form, and so that everyday companionship can flourish. Clients receive a bespoke service so that they can enjoy life in a way they want to. They retain independence and therefore have a better quality of life.

Quality Of Life

Home care services facilitate a better quality of life because it enables a person to achieve daily personal tasks like getting dressed with ease. The person lives in a clean home and eats the food they love with help from their carer. They are kept mentally stimulated and loneliness is not an issue. Physical activity is also encouraged as much as possible so health levels can stay as high as possible.

The fact clients can be taken to social clubs and groups is a huge factor when it comes to quality of life. Statistics show that a shocking 37% of those in residential care never leave their homes. The figure for live-in care is just 21%. Leaving the home is something that is actively promoted with live-in care and carers will do everything they can to ensure their clients are getting out and about to see friends and family, enjoy hobbies and a social life, and sometimes just to get some fresh air and a change of scenery.

Independence is another strong reason that home care services provide a better quality of life than residential care. Clients have full control over how they want to live their life. Any health restrictions are worked around, so that life can be full and fun as much as possible for the client.

Live-in care isn’t for everyone, but it works well for most people. It can be significantly cheaper than a residential home, it provides instant companionship and it enables a person to live life how they want to.

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