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Level up Your SEO Shopify Game Plan with Top 3 Strategies

As a store owner, you want your shop to crushing it in search results. It is crucial to note that 85% of consumers use Google to research products and make purchasing decisions. If you want to catch your customers’ attention, you need to level up your Google rankings and increase your visibility. The catch is seo for shopify is a long-term task. But if you invest time in building your SEO and content marketing right now, you can ensure the future of your digital presence as your revenue keeps on rising.

Create links that point to your store

Backlinks are utilized by search engines to decide how users value your site. This strategy is similar to word-of-mouth marketing. It is an off-page optimization strategy that aims to establish your trustworthiness and credibility.

There are several things you can do to get links for your store:

First off, obtain supplier and manufacturer links. If established companies supply the product you’re selling, they can give you as a retailer, a link. Write them an email asking them if they can link to your Shopify store.

Another thing you can do is to work with influencers. Connect with industry leaders and influencers for interviews and reviews so you can get both links and valuable content.

Another tip is to get mentions. It would help if you put the word out about your Shopify store. Get mentioned in several places. You can use to find potential places where you can get mentions. Afterward, send these sources an email asking them to link back to your site with the mention.

You should also factor in broken links. It may require a bit of detective work on your part to search for broken links for products and services that are similar to those you are offering. Once you found a broken link, message the site owner with a broken link to have them put a link to your Shopify site instead. Broken links can be damaging to SEO, so what you are offering will be a mutually beneficial solution. You get a backlink while they can repair a broken link.

Content marketing makes you rank higher

Now that you have fixed everything, it is time to talk about content marketing. The top reason people go to your site is content. You may think that content is not important, and you may find yourself tempted to skimp on the content or simply invest your time and effort on product descriptions alone.

You will have more success if you take the time to make original content that can add to the overall user experience.

Thinking of content topics can be extremely daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. You can list all the things your customers are asking you or anything your customers may want information on. These are not product information but really useful answers.

Your content gives you the chance to allow customers and potential customers to get to know your store in such a way beyond selling and marketing. It is also one of the effortless ways to rank for keywords and obtain backlinks.

Utilize top SEO apps and tools

This app allows you to fix SEO issues. It helps you save time and money while enhancing your SEO. It gives automatic and regular check-ups of page titles and headings, meta-descriptions, speed, article structure, and many others. All this is to ensure that your site is optimized.

With this app, you can cut down on time spent to optimize your site. Utilizing this, you don’t need to enter meta-tags and even alt tags manually. It sends structured data to Google as well as other search engines to optimize search results.

This app allows you to generate meta-tags for product collection, blogs, and article pages relevant to Shopify. This app harnesses your store information to send to search engines using JSON LD data ready structures the way search engines want it.

This app checks all pages and posts for strong SEO and gives you recommendations for improvements. It can edit multiple pages with one click. It regularly updates for Google’s algorithm. The Yoast app makes it easy for you to enhance your site using the keywords you have chosen.

There are tons of potential customers out there. But without strong seo for shopify strategy, your shop will end up in limbo. Level up your SEO and attract traffic to your websites. Turn to professionals who know good marketing architecture. Investing in building good SEO will help you reach your goals of conversions and sales.

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