Learn About Some of the Most Popular Instagram Tools that All Marketers Must Use


Instagram has become a robust social media platform and enjoys more than 800 million MAUs. Instagram is supposed to be the best social networking site for promoting and marketing e-commerce businesses. There is absolutely no doubt today that Instagram could be helping you effectively in reaching a wider audience, boosting your brand awareness, increasing sales for your e-store etc. It is because of Instagram’s growing popularity that you could find a plethora of Instagram tools for enhancing your overall marketing strategy on this phenomenally successful social media platform.

Here we would be discussing some of the most popular and frequently used Instagram tools to enable an easier choice. You must examine your present approach, analyze your precise target audience, and come up with engaging posts simply by using these amazing tools. It is important to use these tools in a proper manner for achieving optimal results.


Hootsuite is a powerful social media management tool that helps in making the entire process of scheduling, as well as, publishing posts a lot easier. You could utilize its Instagram options to schedule posts well in advance so that there is no question of forgetting to publish your posts. Once your posts are ready, you could focus your attention on some other important issues. When publishing time is up, Hootsuite would be sending you notifications and reminders. Instagram is perpetually flooded with ads and posts. So it is crucial for your company to keep posting content regularly and Hootsuite would be helping you in keeping up consistently with the schedule.

Hootsuite helps to manage effectively multiple social media platforms in one single but convenient dashboard, connect with clients and rapidly grow your brand online. You could manage all your company’s social media accounts from one place and keep track of everything taking place on the social media circuit.

With Hootsuite, you could respond to messages, comments, and brand mentions quickly across all your social media accounts via just a single dashboard. You could easily keep track of your performance and consistently grow your audience. You would have access to important analytics reports that demonstrate to you the things that are working fine and the rest that is not working at all for your marketing campaigns. You could now learn a lot more about your audience and accordingly tweak and enhance your campaigns.


Combin is supposed to be an intelligent, automated service that is desktop-oriented and helps you in growing your Instagram marketing endeavors. Combining location search and hashtag, their platform would be enabling you to interact effectively with the most promising and relevant potential customers. You could conveniently participate in various discussions with all these leads and in a matter of only a few clicks; you may schedule your comments and likes as per the daily activity limits of Instagram.

You could easily identify the more specific subscriber or commenter using this effective tool’s cutting-edge targeted-people search feature. Moreover, this wonderful tool could be leveraged by you for carefully spying on your competitors. You could perform both mass and single actions for unfollowing, following, commenting, and liking. You could even leave a number of comments with diverse text meant for different accounts in batch. This brilliant app would be scheduling action tasks automatically.


SocialDrift is the best Instagram automation tool. You could easily sit back and enjoy a relaxing time while the Social Drift platform would be performing all the difficult responsibilities and put in a lot of hard work 24×7 so that you could attain maximum growth. They would be sending you monthly and even weekly reports that would be detailing your overall progress.


You could now consider creating enchanting mini videos and share them with your audience. These captivating videos surely would fascinate your audience. Having an effective strategy would entail engaging with your target audience in the best possible way. You must speak their language. Boomerang videos are an integral part of the popular Instagram language.

You could consider using Boomerang for creating one-second duration videos. The most amazing thing is that you do not actually require any preparation as these videos do not come with audios. Hence, you do not need to prepare your dialogues. You may capture a wonderful instance from behind-the-scenes or make a fascinating video relating to your product. I am sure you would appreciate the fact that even a single second would make all the difference!


Repost is a versatile tool meant for effectively sharing user-generated content. When you do so, you would be demonstrating to your customers that you really appreciate them and acknowledge their opinion. Repost is really an easy-to-use tool. You simply need to click and then share the content successfully while acknowledging the individual who had created the content in the first place.

Repost features would be enabling you to bookmark pictures or videos that you wish to repost. Moreover, you can find pictures you like simply by typing a user’s name or a hashtag and then consider reposting it by simply tapping on one single button. Repost is surely a competent tool that would be contributing toward fortifying the business relationship with all your clients.


Crowdfire is an effective Instagram tool that assists you in managing your following. You may consider using it for keeping your following intact and in order. Furthermore, Crowdfire is able to identify individuals who are not following you or even those who are not active. It would offer you the option of unfollowing them. It also helps you to start following all those users quickly who may seem to be interested in your products. This Instagram tool could be used effectively to monitor the exact effects of all your updates on your users.


SocialUpgrade would be using your answers in response to just a simple questionnaire for providing you with customized growth techniques which could be used by you for scaling your brand.  They deliberately stay away from complex features and settings and help in providing you with the all-in-one interface for doing everything you require for achieving success on Instagram.


The marketplace is flooded with a plethora of Instagram marketing tools that you must try out to guide your business towards greater success. However, you must choose the most appropriate tool to suit your unique requirements. You may consider using these tools along with the services of an experienced account growth manager. He would be responsible for giving you strategic social media marketing advice.

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