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Kudremukh Trek | A Ideal Trekking Destination In The South India

Kudremukh in Kanarese suggests that ‘horse-face’ refers to a powerful scenic sight of a facet of the mountain that appears like the face of a horse. close within the Western Ghats, the forest is in contact with a vicinity of 600 sq kilometer at associate degree altitude of one,894 m on top of water level.



It is an ideal place for trekking associates and a long journey from Bangalore makes it the most convenient destination for weekend getaways. Natural grasslands and dense Shoal forests makes the leafage of those undulating hills conspicuous .



Travel Itinerary:-



Day 1:

7.30 pm – 9 pm – Bangalore



Leave from Bangalore late evening. we tend to request you to own some light-weight food before motion. This trip would be an associate degree long journey to Kodachadri within which we’d have an off-the-cuff introduction and have a good time.



Day 2:

6:00 am – 7:30 am



The nearest city to kudremukh is Kalasa, we’ll be passing through Hassan road to Belur to Kasala city and from there to Balgal. Balgal could be a tiny place at the bottom of Mullodi Hills that is the base of Kudremukh. From Balgal we’d be taking a land rover ride to Homestay in Mullodi Hills that is about half dozen kilometers from Balgal (base). The bottom camp at homestay provides a panoramic read of varied peaks of kudremukh. The cold breeze of the Mullodi Hills ignites a joyful expertise and prepares you for a beautiful trek.7.30 am – half dozen pm


After Fresh-up and Breakfast we’d start our journey to Kudremukh peak. on track we’d have concerning 8-9 water streams, 3-4 jungles and a number of other peaks.


Although there square measure many water streams in between the paths. we’d request you to hold an additional empty bottle that you’ll top off to stay yourself hydrous through the trek. paying attention to water flowing, birds fluttering and cold breeze causes you to be nearer to nature and motivates you to steer at some point of the mountains and to the height. The horse two-faced i.e. kudremukh mountain is visible throughout the trek guiding your destination and galvanizing with its beauty.


A steep inclination on the Zig-Zag path connects you to the last path that guides you to the height. After defrayment some quality time at the height, we’d begin raining through identical paths to homestay for a far expected fire and hot dinner. The homestay provides each veg and non-veg food for dinner. You could additionally take a tub, if you wish as quandary is out there at homestay.






Next Day :


7:30 am – eleven am

Next day, I can go atiny low waterfalls close to the homestay. pay your time in water get a bath, have breakfast and back to Bangalore.1 am – 10.30 pm – come Journey to Bangalore.







Start from Bangalore – reach Balgal – land rover ride to Mullodi hills homestay – fresh-up and breakfast at homestay – begin the trek – reach high – have packed lunch – back to homestay – camp fireplace.

Next day – begin from homestay – Hanumana Gundi Waterfalls – back to Bangalore.


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