Know how to use flooring samples to pick new floors


When it comes to picking new flooring for your house, narrowing down the various designs available is likely to be one of the most difficult decisions you’ll have to make. Ordering carpet samples is one of the greatest methods to achieve this.

Carpet One Floor & Home’s flooring sample box

You’ll be able to view the flooring in your area at different times of the day after buying your samples, as well as how it blends in with your present style. But what do you do when you go home and see all of the samples? What do you think they’d look like in your space, and how do you decide which one is ideal for you? We’re here to assist you!

We’ve put together some pointers to assist you in analyzing your flooring samples and getting started on the path to finding the ideal flooring solution.

Make a mood board to help you get in the mood

Creating a mood board is a great way to view all of your ideas in one spot if you have a certain style in mind for your house. On a mood board, design components such as colors, textiles, and textures will show you if these items will work well together or clash in a room. Place a flooring sample on the mood board among the other aspects of your design. Is it out of place, or does it bring out tones you hadn’t noticed before, or does it add just the right touch? You’ll know it’s not a top contender if it appears out of place. You can retain it in the mix of choices if it flows nicely.

Examine the sample to see whether it matches your desired look

When it comes to creating your ideal home design, flooring is a crucial component. It’s difficult to know exactly what you’re searching for, which is why some of the examples you selected could not meet your design goals like order floor samples. After viewing them in person, consider whether these samples are appropriate for the aesthetic you’re going for.

Play around with the lighting

Morning, midday, and evening light may bring out distinct colors from flooring depending on the way your property faces. Examine your samples at various times of the day to ensure that you can appreciate them in a variety of lighting conditions. Incandescent and fluorescent lighting may also alter the appearance of flooring when compared to natural light.

Experiment with it in various rooms or spaces

Take the sample and arrange it in different rooms if you want to install new flooring in more than one room. If it doesn’t work, try it in various parts of the room. You’ll want to see how the flooring looks in a variety of settings, and this is an excellent method to do so.

Get rid of a sample

When you acquire samples, you’ll most likely be able to swiftly reject a style. If not, a style can be removed after a few days. Take the time to remove at least one of the samples to focus on the top candidates, and you’ll have a better sense of what you’re leaning toward.


Take a peek at our website to see our diverse selection of wonderfully natural-inspired floors. With nine different varieties to choose from, you’ll be able to discover something that fits both your personality and your decorating style. Explore each range at your leisure and fall in love with the beautiful details, one-of-a-kind designs, and patterns that each floor has to offer. Select your top three favorites and add them to your cart by clicking on the “free sample” icon, then following the on-screen instructions to complete your purchase.


After we receive your order, our team carefully picks the samples you’ve requested, which are then beautifully wrapped and mailed to you. Within 2-4 days of purchasing, you should receive your Woodpecker postal bundle.


Spend some time examining your floor samples, soaking up the beauty of the patterns, and swooning over the wood’s organically inspired features.

Mood boards are an excellent way to determine which floor will best suit your personal style. Gather fabric swatches and color charts, as well as thumbnails of your furniture and accessories, and place them alongside your floor samples. Ask your friends and family for their opinions and advice, and take as much time as you need to find the perfect style.

After you’ve decided on your favorite floor sample, the next step is to locate a retailer near you. You can do this on our website by entering your postcode into the search engine, and we’ll show you the suppliers who are closest to you. You can then contact your preferred retailer at your leisure, and they will assist you in purchasing and installing your chosen floor.

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