Know About Muscoskeletal Injuries and How to Treat Them


Are you aware of the fact that musculoskeletal conditions do impact 1.8 billion people across the world? A recent study on the common disease factors revealed that there is about 45% growth of musculoskeletal diseases in the last 20 years. The diseases include injuries and various other conditions. The experts working in this field focus on effective treatments like wellness and rehabilitation programs. We all know that injuries go hand-in-hand with any sports. If you are a little bit careless about how you are practicing or exercising, you can be affected by the musculoskeletal diseases. So, whenever you are facing any problem on the muscles, be sure you have consulted with a doctor.

We all know that rehabilitation is one of the best ways to recover from the musculoskeletal injury or any other sports injury. The goal of the sports medicine doctor is to improve the strength and coordination of the injured person and then return them to their previous functional normal life. By this, they can again regain back their performance level. If your sports injury is the direct cause of your musculoskeletal condition, several programs are mainly designed for the athletes to help them to get to game again.

How Wellness Is Related To Musculoskeletal Injury

The sports medicine doctor provide the best wellness programs for treating the elite and the young athletes who are facing the musculoskeletal injuries and again help them to improve the strength,  balance, endurance, coordination and specific sports skills when required.

The Cold and Compression Therapy

One of the most commonly used therapies to treat the musculoskeletal injury is the cold and compression treatment. This treatment helps the patients to recover faster as compared to the other treatments available. The repeated study has revealed that when the cold therapy is combined with the compression therapy, the patient will recover quickly. Here some of the benefits of using this treatment-

  1. It helps in minimizing the swelling
  2. It helps in decreasing the pain
  3. It helps in increasing the blood flow and oxygen
  4. It helps in optimizing the lymphatic drainage for fast recovery
  5. It also reduces the medication use

Various clinics offer the rehab and wellness programs that are combined with physical therapy coupled with cold compression treatment. The treatment might also include-

  1. Core strengthening and stabilizing exercises
  2. Pilates movement
  3. Joint and soft tissue mobilization
  4. Soft tissue manual therapy
  5. Muscle energy exercise

According to the sports orthopedic specialists, one of the most effective treatments to deal with the musculoskeletal injury is the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. Here in this method, the concentration is given on the platelets in the solution and then it is slowly injected into the body of the injured athlete. There are various other treatments available too.  You should not ignore the injury or the pain that you got from any sports. You must consult with the doctor to get the best treatment.

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