Joe Cianciotto Explains How Drones are a Revolution in the Field of Architecture


The advancement of technology in every field has made sea changes towards making it better in every way possible. Architect Joe Cianciotto gives a detailed understanding of how the innovative inventions – the drones, have been an exceptional addition to architecture.

The most basic advantage of including these man-made wonders is that it saves both money and time. The efficiency and workflow are considerably enhanced due to the real-time data that these drones can collect.

Records reveal that the use of drones is picking pace, particularly in construction; the employment of drones has skyrocketed to an approximate 239%. The ease of being able to maneuver a drone because of its compact size makes it a favorable gadget for all construction employees. It can conveniently reach places that are otherwise difficult to access to the plot and map a site.

The aerial insights received from the data collected by the drones help make changes in the project before any project invests more time and money into it. The drones are proving to be a revolutionary addition to the work of construction as they help communicate data and assist in maintaining safety and save vital resources. The measurements taken by these drones are relatively accurate and thereby help assess and analyze critical information appropriately.

Joe Cianciotto emphasizes the fact that the traditional method of inspection that involves a human is more time consuming and is also susceptible to mistakes. He adds that there is no guarantee that the human will be able to provide all the statistics in a day because the coordination meetings are quite time-consuming.

He gives a detailed explanation of the difference between the inspection done by a drone and that which is done traditionally. The first point of difference and a significant one is that the risks to the health of an inspector are entirely averted in the use of drones as they are unmanned. Secondly, the monitoring work of construction is provided more practically by the drones.

Further, reassessing and monitoring a particular part of the site is no hassle at all for a drone as opposed to a human who does the inspection. Next, Joe Cianciotto adds that drones do not merely provide a visual inspection. The special sensors on a drone allow them to be used in several other work sectors such as agriculture and HVAC inspections.

In the engineering field too, drones provide exceptional insight into the whole process of monitoring, planning, and surveying. A drone can even help in telling whether a particular model is the same as its initial design, thereby aiding in accurate 3D mirror imaging. The thermal imaging process is also helped with the drones coming with a thermal camera.

The replacement of human labor on construction sites with these drones is slowly catching up and meeting resistance. Nonetheless, given the simplification of things, drones seem to be becoming a thing in vogue. The popularity of drones can be predicated to only accelerate in the near future.

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