J.K. Rowling Once Told John Oliver He Looked Like Harry Potter


In 2006, four “Harry Potter” motion pictures had effectively transformed into film industry blockbusters and just a single book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, stayed to be discharged. Without a doubt, the establishment was a gigantic arrangement.

English entertainer John Oliver first got his begin on “The Daily Show” in 2006, doing a portion about then–Prime Minister Tony Blair. What’s more, as columnist Chris Smith’s new book, The Daily Show: An Oral History, as of late uncovered, J.K. Rowling happened to be in the gathering of people for his presentation.

Smith’s book depends on meetings with Jon Stewart and his colleagues on the show. Oliver himself recounts the account of meeting Rowling. Being a greater fanatic of Rowling than the Queen of England ― in his own particular words ― Oliver recollects the collaboration with the creator distinctively.

As Oliver claims in the book, Rowling was quickly consoling about his execution ― giving him an embrace ― and after that told the humorist he looks simply like her most well known character.

Here’s Oliver’s re-recounting the occasion:

I went out, and did it, and it passed by suddenly, and after that I swung round to take off. What’s more, there was one crowd part in the corner, whose eye I got, and it was J.K. Rowling. In this way, I strolled past her reasoning, what the ― there’s no fucking way that is J.K. Rowling. This is on my first day on the show. It turns out Jon was talking her at Radio City that night for the most recent Harry Potter book, so she comes round subsequently, saying, “Gracious, well done,” and I said, “I haven’t been here some time recently, this is my first day.” So she embraced me.

What’s more, that resembles being embraced by the ruler, on the off chance that you thought about the ruler. I think about J.K. Rowling a great deal more than I think about the ruler. She embraced me, and I had round glasses, and she said, “You look like Harry,” and after that floated off. For a drained, stream slacked, overpowered man, that was… I totally felt stoned.

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