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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Is Instagram the Next Social Media Star for Business and Marketing?

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Check the statistics today; more than 400 million active users with over 40 billion photos already shared. For a social media platform that started as a photo sharing application, this is no mean fete. Today, Instagram supports videos and runs engaging stories. It is the perfect epitome of a revolutionary platform, constantly evolving to meet the demands of its growing number of users. Many analysts and social media experts are unanimous on one aspect; Instagram is the future of social media, both in business and marketing. Why would such people place their bets on this platform? You might want to know.


For any innovation to sweep through the highly competitive arena, it must be flexible and constantly evolving to meet the changing demands of its user base. Less than seven years after it was launched, Instagram has achieved exactly that if not more.

At the beginning, Instagram was all but a photo sharing application. Over the years, Instagram has absorbed the need for videos. Initially, only short videos lasting for 15 seconds or less could be shared, just like in Vine. It went ahead to override this trend and now a 60-second clip is shareable on this amazing platform. With video sharing considered as the future of marketing, there is no doubt that Instagram is on the verge of taking over other social media giants.

Younger User Base

The youth might as well be 35% of the entire population but they are definitely 100% of the future. Instagram saw that and capitalised on it. There are multiple other social media platforms, some having greater user base than Instagram but none of them has 90% of its users 35 years old or younger. Younger users are more receptive to changes and new ideas. That explains why most products in the market target them. Any leading brand would want to have massive followers for Instagram. Where else would marketers want to cast their nets, right now and in future?

So Much to Offer

Social media is ruling the world. From news to sales and even sports, every dish is being served alongside social media. Instagram plays a critical role in that formation. It is promising and has so much to offer. Just recently, it introduced the ‘stories’ feature. People and their Instagram followers are now able to share their personal stories and interact. For businesses to boom and revenues to grow, an interactive marketing channel is necessary. Instagram seems to have provided a perfect platform for that. From the look of things, more is yet to come.


With a user base of more than 400 million, Instagram is a mature platform. It shares so much with other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. However, its striking differences and innovative spirit sets it apart from the rest. For businesses that are targeting the younger generation, Instagram is the perfect sea to cast their nets. It has proved its worth and has even more to offer in future.

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