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Is Big Data A Fad or A Paradigm?

Big data has taken the world by storm & it continues to grow. The influence of big data & data science professional has charmed the business world. The absolutely massive data volume will continue to grow & there’s no doubt that the big data is only going to grow exponentially. Several small & medium sized companies have experienced reduced spend in their data centers because of switching to big data & data science frameworks. As a matter of fact, the payoff from having big data analytics & data science frameworks is proved to be a revolution. When organizations push big data analytics into their operations, it can contribute to their productivity & profit gains up to 5-6% higher. The reality is data-driven science has become a phenomenon for most of the organizations today. This was previously unimagined. But the ease of access & the massive volume of data has made it possible by transforming the scientific process.

Again and again, you will come to know that big data analytics & data science frameworks is nothing more than a whim & will be forgotten pretty soon. Many people argue the point that the massive amount of data & its usage isn’t a phenomenon but a lot of companies are already using a large amount of structured & unstructured data & data science frameworks for several years before the big data arrived. Data is a valuable raw material which can be transformed into particular insights, creating knowledge. The data is always increasing every day, every moment for all business. This means:

The big data analytics has leveraged its value in coming years, which means:

Technologies such as big data analytics that help us to store, process & analyze the large amounts of data are not a fad.  The increasing realization of the bright future of big data analytics includes machine learning by data science professional which is based on mathematical & statistical concepts. It can provide insights on user preference & sentiment, potential market, business intelligence & much more. This just shows how impactful big data analytics can be.

The new buzz about big data may contain hype but not what it refers to.  It is exponentially increasing every day. Several surveys represent the fact that organizations are becoming data-driven which results in having a greater likelihood of customer acquisition, customer retention & profitability.

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