Internal Codes Related to Flight Tickets


These are the 4 types of sales indicator in travelling industry (specifically internal codesrelated to flight tickets):


1 SITI  Sold Inside Ticketed Inside
2 SITO  Sold Inside Ticketed Outside
3 SOTI  Sold Outside Ticketed Inside
4 SOTO  Sold Outside Ticketed Outside

SITI-the most common
Sold In, Ticketed In [the country of origin]
You buy your ticket at DTW to fly from DTW to TYO.

Sold In, Ticketed Out [of the country of origin]
Kind of rare.

Sold Out, Ticketed Inside
i.e. a ticket paid for in LAX for a customer in HKG that is issued when the customer checks in at HKG, or picks up the ticket there.

Sold Out, Ticketed Out Inside- i.e., a ticket you buy in your country and mail to someone in another country, or an E-Ticket you purchase for someone in another country.

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