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Interested in living off the grid?

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There is quite a lot to be said about the fact that the world as we know it today is one that has steadily and overtime more rapidly become focused on finding sustainable shifts forward. We are living in a world where there is more and more focus than we have ever seen before on living sustainably and it is something that has taken place in such a way that it is forcing a monumental shift on a grand, international scale. 


For those that have interest in beginning to make more sustainable shifts in every aspect of their lives, it makes a world of difference to have pathways to be able to follow to get that idea off the ground.


The focus on renewable energy soars exponentially


Without a doubt, solar energy is one of the very best ways that we can work towards making renewable energy the norm. We have seen a focus on renewable and they do that has soared exponentially in recent years and at the forefront of it all has been solar energy solutions. The use of the energy of the sun to literally power our own livelihood here on earth is something that should have always been quite an obvious fact and pursued, however it is not until relatively recently in human history that we have finally begun to clue on and be able to follow that trajectory with due course. 


Interested in living off the grid?


More and more individuals are electing to live off the grid, citing a decision to live more queenly not only for themselves but for the planet and other living species that called this place home. and for those that are interested in living off the grid themselves, it is important to recognize that whilst solar will undoubtedly play a core role, there are many other renewable clean energy solutions that also have their own place, role, and importance. For off the grid living, there has never been more interesting investment in figuring out the best ways to be able to do that. And one of those ways is through utilizing lithium and technological solutions in everyday life not only at home but in the workplace and in general as well.


In addition to 12V direct replacement batteries, Volthium specializes in the manufacture of high-end solar storage units.

This product category is divided into 2 types of customers :  On the one hand, there are the general public consumers, whose needs are often intended for cottages (12V-24V), or autonomous houses (48V). This clientele loves our wall-mounted batteries, our heating batteries, and the wide variety of products we can offer them.

And on the other hand, there is the high intensity solar storage (51.2V), of commercial nature, that are used as solar microsites, telecommunication stations, or emergency energy storage. Some of the 51.2V rackmount batteries, with or without self-heating system, are highly appreciated by professionals.  Whether it’s for hunting camps, or a 500KWH energy bank, Volthium will meet your highest standards with its 12V, 24V, and 48V batteries.


How lithium tech can make a world of difference


Ultimately, there is such an overwhelming demand today for batteries for cottages and autonomous houses that it can be overwhelming. And while solar is an incredibly important one when it comes to storing live batteries in the like for living off the grid, lithium technology presents an incredible opportunity to be able to take clean energy to new heights while also investing in long term energy solutions that are designed and intended to bring quality living and every aspect of life. For instance, lithium batteries can regulate its own temperature to optimize on power, which is energy saving on its own. Each lithium battery is custom made, reinforced and tested to meet the harsh Canadian environment.

  • Premium LiFePO4 Cells (UL1973 & UL1642)
  • Integrated BMS, Partnership with Texas Instrument
  • Designed In Canada
  • Integral control of the assembly quality
  • Customer Service based in Quebec


 But another innovative aspect is its bluetooth function which shows everything from how much battery is left right down to temperature and ammeter. Lithium technology can make a world of difference in that it has proven time and again not only that it is willing to do so but that it is more than capable of not only meeting but positively exceeding expectations at every possible turn.

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