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99% Instant Approval Dofollow Guest Posting Sites List Free 2018

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What is guest posting advertise your business in affordable price Social bookmarking paid posting comment posting.


“ When we write unique article and put our link in and publish on someone other website called guest posting”.  Guest posting is always be a best part of SEO which play important role increasing ranking in google due to good back links.

Advantages of Guest Posting

Without guest posting, google quality backlinks are not possible for your website because your unique article with do-follow link always give you good backlinks which is best part of increase ranking. Now we are discussing good guest posting advantages which will force your to do this SEO tool on regularly.

1 – Unique article with one do-follow link will increase your website rank.

2 – Google always focus on good and informative content and give ranking to this content.

3 – Most guest posting equall to more backlinks.

4 – Guest posting sites always has good visitors because lots of people using these sites for increasing backlinks.

5 – Free guest posting sites save your money and time.

6 – Do-follow free guest posting sites bring free quality backlinks.

Disadvantages of Guest Posting

1 –Duplicate content will not help your website to get ranking in google.

2 – No-follow link also will not increase your website backlinks in google eyes.

3 – You time will be waist due to dublicate content and no-follow links.

4 – Uninteresting Topic will create problem for your website visitors.

5 – Free guest posting sites always be on risk because when you submit quality article on free sites and these sites can delete your articles which will decrease your backlinks.

6 – High level of paid links can create problem for your website because google do not like it.

7 – Irrelevant links also be a bad for your website.

How to Search Guest Posting Sites in Google

There are lots of guest posting sites list in google but when we use it always waist our time and money because people collect sites from anywhere and put on their website for getting visitors. Q is how to search good and accurate free do-follow guest posting sites which will cut down our time but get good benefit.

Tips to Search Guest Posting Sites List Free

1 – Open www.google.com

2 – Write in search bar, guest posting sites list 2018 or instant approval guest posting sites list 2018.

3 – Select sites which has post good sites with example because always example shows you know how to do guest post and which site is good for post.

4 – Selected sites for guest posting must be do-follow.

Difference Between Blog Posting and Guest Posting

There are some people in SEO field can confuse due to guest posting or blog posting because lack of knowledge. There is no difference between blog posting or guest posting both words in same sense. When you write article and put your link in it. You will add your article in someone other site called blog posting.


Instant Approval Do follow Guest Posting Sites List Free 2018

When you will post quality and unique content on following sites, your article will be approved automatically and you will be able to get do-follow link in some mints free.  You will increase your ranking in google which you spend some time on our list because we are posting following sites after check and post our article on it so we are sharing instant sites with example. SO you can use our do follow blog posting sites without hesitant.

Do follow & No-Follow  Instant Blog Posting Sites List Free

Is List of Quality Blog sites Still Make a Difference in Your Website Ranking

Basic thing about successful guest posting strategy that is great to rank the website and it is very simple and so as incredibly challenging and hard to perform. Available here the quality bogs sites that accept the topics exactly related to the term blogging and also concerned with the topics though and the acceptance rate completely onto the different examples and models. You can get some blogs available to accept the topics those are related to different topic niche and keeping the changes and editing. If the quality of things we can manage with so then it is really helpful for to make strong connections

http://www.fgpgames.com/  Instant Post
http://technews2day.com/     Instant Post
http://top4webhosting.com/  Instant Post

Free Sites + Example + Date 21 December new update

How to Search List of Guest Blogging Sites in Google

It is really the guest post and it should get the best content and not writing upon the different but small network but are now into the front of all great and helpful bloggers for earnings. Right after posting the guest posts publishing the posts people will actually help you to make more money by helping and supporting. Simple the more traffic onto he blog and different popularity of the post and you will get a complete traffic options from them. It is also about the community right without being jealous and selfishness and has to be honest about the service of guest posting sites available here.

1- http://teamtaketwo.eu

Free Sites + Example + Date 14 December new update

How to Become A Guest Blogger

Guest blogging is one of the most important part of getting free do-follow and nofollow back links getting but it is not easy to become good guest blogger because there are some rules which must be follow,
1 – Your English must very good.
2 – Always write unique article on informative topic.
3 – Always follow the rules of site on which you want to post article.
4 – When you write must know about the site is it accepting guest post or not.
5 – What is the site topic and also your website topic so write article on your site related.
6 – You always know how to search article blog sites in google or other places like yahoo, bing etc.
7 – You link must be dofollow on site so if you do this your will be a good guest blogger.
Note – If you follow our all above rules and regulation, you will become a good guest writer and also blogger.

Free Site + Example + Date 8 December new update

How to Know The Quality Of best blog sites for writers

If you are new and want to post on good sites but do not know which site is good or bad, you have to follow our some tips for knowing the quality of good site,
1 – Samrush of the site must be more then 500.
2 – DA of selected site must be more then 30
3 – Alexa rank must be less the 1 lack.
4 – Sites back links must be more then 1000
5 – Selected sites must be update on regular base with quality and unique articles.
6 – site’s pages must be more then 1000 index in google and also same in bing too.
7 – Selected sites must be on google top position with some keywords.


Free Site + Example + Date 6 December new update

Instant all following guest posting sites

Free Site + Example + Date 2 December new update


Free Site + Example + Date 29 November

Subdomain Free Instant Blogs

  1. wordpress.com
  2. blogger.com
  3. xing.com
  4. tumblr.com
  5. weebly.com
  6. webnode.com
  7. livejournal.com
  8. jimdo.com
  9. merchantcircle.com
  10. sfgate.com
  11. wix.com
  12. quora.com
  13. reddit.com
  14. wikispaces.com
  15. webs.com
  16. bravenet.com
  17. zoho.com
  18. diigo.com

Free Site + Example + Date 25 November


Free Site + Example + Date 24 November

 Free Site + Example + Date 16 November

1- tealuck.com

2- ibuildapp.com

3- digitalsocial.eu

4- bitcointalk.org

5- etsy.com

6- heatbud.com

7- kinja.com

8- edublogs.org

9- groupspaces.com

10- alivenotdead.com

11- medium.com

12- instructables.com

13- traveldudes.org

14- amplifyblog.com

15- gamespot.com

16- masterbobi.com

17- playbuzz.com

19- greecefriends.de

20- scoophot.com

21- pregnology.com

22- beanyblogger.com

23- alux.com

24- travelblog.org

25- g3dev.info

26- fortalent.com

27- foodtube.net

28- thecherryshare.com

29- food52.com
30- sparkpeople.com

31- fundly.com

31- yahoo.com

32- wixsite.com

33- leetchi.com

34- crowdrise.co

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