Install Window Graphics to Add a Dynamic Look to Your Business Premises


The storefront is the first thing that your visitors would notice about your business. Therefore, it is essential to ensure complete perfection; and high-quality window graphics can create an enormous impact on prospective and established stores alike. Your windows, storefronts, and doors are the prime spaces for conveying your key brand messages that will turn heads for all the appropriate reasons.

How to Define Window Graphics?

interior translucent window graphics

Window Graphics and Signage products are directly attached to windows. Generally, they are designed using a kind of cling that adheres to glass without damages. It is available in a plethora of sizes and types, completely customizable based on the needs of business houses.

The in-house visual communication consultants of Heritage Printing and Graphics will work with you to design the clearest, highest quality, and crispest promotional window graphics and clings for your business. So, get ready and fold your sleeves to level up your self-store front and your business with customized and professionally printed window decals and clings.

What Are The Advantages Of Installing Window Graphics?

Brand Strengthening

Every design in your office space speaks about your brand. You usually do not have any control on what your visitors and employees can view through the plain glass windows. But, with window graphics you can accurately select what you wish to put up in the prominent positions, thus ensuring complete privacy to those on the other side.

DC Schools window graphics

Inform and engage

If you are involved in serving the public, then you must know how important it is to provide information at readily accessible places. Well, customized windows decals can communicate silently and enable people to know what you wish to convey. For instance, you can use custom window graphics in your industry or office space to let the employees and visitors know the following information:

  • Company phone number and web address
  • Upcoming events
  • Closing and opening
  • Offer details
  • Core values and mission statement of your company
  • …. and lots more!

One size fit signage is readily available in the market, and most of the stores prefer to use them to avoid paying substantial prices. Yes, custom wall decorations are indeed expensive. But with Heritage Printing and Graphics, you can get a better deal for custom printed wall decals and stickers. You can now give fierce competition to the store next door with customized wall stickers at no extra charges.

Change the look

The existing graphical display blends into the proverbial woodwork sooner or later. You can keep the office or business premise interesting with removable window decals easily to stay updated. You want to put up something new whenever you want for the visitors or the office employees. You can use window graphics to inform people about the latest launches of your company’s upcoming campaigns or events and exciting sales. Moreover, Windows decals can make a corporation or sales program easy. You can peel off the decoration you did last season to stick the new one in replacement.

Bar louie outside window graphics

Energy efficient

The cooling system is universal in every office and industry. The rays of the sun streaming through the windows can overload the cooling system. Windows graphics can keep away the extra heat and help you in reducing the climate control spending.

Ensures privacy

Sometimes we do not want our team members or clients who walk by to get the inner view. With window graphics consisting of window perf vinyl, you can enjoy a high degree of privacy without obstructing the visibility and natural light.

Optimum space utilization

At Heritage Printing and Graphics, you can get high-quality custom printed wall graphics that you can order to be designed uniquely to meet the necessities of your situation and space.

Heritage Printing and Graphics

Window graphic styles

There is a vivid range of styles available for window graphics that include the following:

  • Large impact graphics
  • Smaller graphics
  • Privacy coatings
  • Vinyl lettering

What are the different types of window graphic films?

Window graphics can vary a lot when it comes to the kind of film used for developing the graphic. Some of the typical film types available are as follows:

  • Translucent films
  • Transparent films
  • Perforated films
  • Crystal films
  • Opaque films

We understand that a single size or design is not fit for all businesses. Hence, we prefer large scale vinyl printing technology for creating custom window perf, graphics, decals, murals, and displays to meet your specifications. We have multiple printing technologies that assist us in designing vinyl window graphics to fulfill your particular purposes and needs. We print customized vinyl decals with the use of high-quality latex or UV curable ink on the state-of-the-art equipment. At the same time, we ensure that the brand colors of your business appropriately match the way you want them to ensure the integrity of your brand.

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