Install Fibreglass Access System for Enhancing Safety


Accidents in industries are a common matter these days. As per the recent study, slipping and falling are the major causes why people face accidents. If you are the owner of an industry, you should think about the safety measures so that all your staffs can work in a safe environment. You need to think of the slip-resistant solutions for preventing slips and falls. When it comes to safety measures and slip resistant solutions, fibreglass access system is what that everyone counts on first.

Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic- The Latest Composite

Fibreglass reinforced plastic, more commonly known as FRP is a composite raw material, manufactured by an effective process, pultrusion. This cross-sectional process is so effective that it ensures that FRP gets the best features. FRP has multiple applications in a wide range of sectors. Fiberglass access system can enhance safety to your home or office. To minimize the risk rate of accidents, you may think of installing FRP grating, handrail, stair nosing and ladder in the industry.

  • Grating Platform

Most of the mishaps take place because of slips and falls. If you use a slip resistant solution, your workers and visitors will be able to work safely. FRP grating platform is the best solution for resisting slips. FRP is non-slip in nature. When you install the anti-slip FRP grating on the slippery concrete floor, the users will get a better grip to their feet. The entrance of your office building, marine and mining area, oil and petrochemical industry are the most suitable places for fibreglass grating platform.

  • Handrail

The stair area is considered as the most accident-prone area in a constructional building. While accessing stairs, you may fall if you do not get enough support. To enhance safety in the stair area, glass fibre made handrail is the best option for you. Handrail, made of FRP is available in different shapes, colours, and styles. You may choose the one as per your requirement. While going to upstairs or downstairs, the climbers can hold the handrail for support. The use of FRP ladder handrail can minimize risk rates in industries.

  • Stair Nosing

Stair nosing almost functions like the grating platform. You can install stair nosing on the edge of the stair steps so that the climbers can get a better grip to their feet. Stair nosing is available in different colour. Generally, they come in vibrant colours, like, yellow, so that the climbers get better visibility of the stairs while going to upstairs or downstairs, even in darkness.

  • Ladder

When it comes to FRP access system, ladders are what that people count on first. FRP ladder has some amazing features, like, resistant to electric and heat, durable, robust, customizable, anti-corrosive, cost-effective and more . All these features make FRP ladders superior to the traditional one.

So, this is how you can enhance safety in your industry. Now quickly contact a renowned fibreglass manufacturing and supplying company for the customized FRP solutions. Choose the company wisely to get the best quality FRP goods.

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