Important Steps to Consider Before You List Your House for Sale


Selling a house requires more work than purchasing a house for sale. If you haven’t sold a home before, you might be surprised at how complicated it could be. From knowing the right listing price to navigating the contractual agreements, it is an exhausting process. A good place to start is through selecting a good realtor who you enjoy and trust working with. Ask advice through every step of the process and consider leveraging their experience. The best realtor would keep you focused on things that would help you sell your house fast at good value.

Below are the most important steps you may take for consideration before listing your house for sale:

Get Rid of Your Personal Decorations

There are numerous kinds of people searching at home when it’s listed as a sale home. To encourage a good positive feedback, it is ideal to make a neutral environment. A good way to do it is to get rid of any objects that would reflect your lifestyle and personal choices. If the buyer can walk through your home and determine your family size, religious preference, profession or favorite alcoholic beverage, you might have an issue. Several buyers have a tough time emotionally, which attaches to a home when the seller’s lifestyle choices are center and front. It’s also true when such choices conflict with theirs. Take out the evidences that you live there and you’ll be on the right track. This would also help you detach from your house and start thinking of this as somebody else’s. When the buyer has to ask if somebody lives in your home, you’ve done your job.

Clean Thoroughly

Everybody has different definitions of clean. When you are listing your home for sale, you have to clean it thoroughly. Pretend that you are selling your home to a germaphobe. If you could afford it, hire professional cleaning crews to spend an entire day doing deep clean. It is worth the money. When the house is unkept, it could difficult for the buyers to attach to it emotionally, even if they’re not clean people. It is also an interesting irony that most home buyers expect the home they purchase to be cleaner than the one they live in currently. It’s a reality that should be accounted for. Clean homes give the impression that the house has been maintained well and easy to move into.

Replace the Outdated Fixtures

It’s a simple fix that could have a big impact. If you have some brass chandeliers and brass door handles, you must replace them. This makes your home look updated. If you’re attracting high end buyers, spend money for the designer door handle. If you have outdated light switch covers, consider replacing them and you will be surprised with the difference it would make.

Re-Paint and Touch Up

If it has been more than one year since the house interior has been painted, it is time for touching up. If you have paint leftover from the last time you have painted, use it to touch up the areas where there are some nail holes, hand prints, scrapes, and so on. Touching up paint  is easy and makes your house look new again.


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