Importance Of Leadership


Everyone appreciates a successful company that has been turned out as the most loved brand. Why do only CEOs get appreciation when it is the result of their teams’ hard work to achieve the goals as well? It’s the effectiveness of guidance that has made the team efficient and productive enough to face challenges. The topic of leadership will always be a hot topic for both business and business purposes. Every CEO is a leader who guides his team as per the purpose and demand of business.

What Is Shared Leadership?

Leadership can be defined in many forms or with different words. The essence of leadership in any organization makes all business operations and processes productive sustainably. Nowadays, even high-profile management fails due to a lack of performance management, openness, accountability, and supervision. The consequences of these lacks make the whole organization suffer, ultimately resulting in the takedown of business by competitors. Lack of leadership is a shortcoming for an organization that would benefit competitors.

Shared leadership is a collaborative approach towards success that provides more autonomy over decisions. Each individual of the team feels more valued as their ideas are fairly and more effectively considered. This type of leadership is a better way to manage and give responsibilities to deserving individuals. It promotes trust, consensus, cohesion, and less conflict.

Why Is Leadership Important?

When it comes to formulating and communicating strategic directions, the role of leaders is enormous in handling and managing all business processes. The journey of Kris Thorkelson is inspiring as he is an effective leader. He maintains business pursuits as owner and founder of The Prescription Shop as well as the owner of Thorwin Properties, which is a property management company specializing in finding suitable homes for Winnipeg-based clients. Kris Thorkelson Thorwin is a Winnipeg-based entrepreneur who has decades of business experience spanning from the pharmaceutical industry to real estate. Managers are masters at running projects, but they don’t have large spheres of influence like a leader has. Read further to know why leadership is important for the business process.

  • Implement Vision And Values

Vision motivates people to work hard until they reach the destination where they always wanted to be. Leaders communicate the mission, values, and beliefs of the organization to motivate subordinates.

  • Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is increased when leaders communicate the objective, procedure, and solutions effectively. Leaders like Larry Page keep the employees informed and updated with what is happening in the organization.

  • Promote Communication

Effective leaders possess the ability to adapt any communication style and show empathy, especially in tough situations. They are active listeners as well.

  • Avail Necessary Resources

Good leaders can better understand the needs of subordinates as they work with them. They avail required resources to ensure progressive growth and development.


The benefits of shared leadership include job satisfaction and employee engagement. Leadership is the strategic element without which a company would need to deal with business failure. It fosters the approach to reach immense success. It may come in various forms and constructs, but the motive of a leader remains the same, which is to guide the team with motivation.

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