Impact Assessment of COVID-19 Outbreak on Humanized Liver Mice Model Market


Global Humanized Liver Mice Model Market: Overview

The global humanized liver mice model market is witnessing accelerated growth. Mice models of human mice are the mice with functional humans, cells, tissues and/or organs. The genetic modification and replacement of the mice liver cells with human liver cells are a number of ways to achieve humanized mice models. Some studies focus on the development of new models of humanized liver mice.

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Initially model liver mice has been developed with simple immune-deficient, human-liver cells or hepatic cancer cells implanted mice. The results, however, were uniform and unreliable. This resulted in the development of immune-deficient mice, which naturally kills the mice liver so that human liver cells can grow and replace a stable humanized model for liver mice.

This report gives exhaustive analysis of the global humanized liver mice model market, focusing on market opportunities and possible constraints, along with the latest trends driving the market.

Global Humanized Liver Mice Model Market: Notable Developments

The global dental preventive supplies market is projected to experience healthy growth on account of several factors. The market is projected to notable developments fueling the global dental preventive supplies markets are as follows:

  • Advances in Genetic Studies

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Several research studies are examining the utilization in the development of humanistic liver muzzle model of PPARalfa and AFC8-based mice models. The hpxr/CAR/CYP3A4 / 2D6/2C9 mice has also been used to man-made liver mice models with 33 mice genes replaced with human genetics. In addition, the development of new genetically engineered humanized liver mice models can be improved with the advance in genetic technology. The CRISPR technology is one such example. This is a key development impacting the global humanized liver mice model market.

  • Rising FDA Approvals

While there have been few FDA-approved drugs for liver diseases in recent years, drug approvals are more and more frequent. Furthermore, suppliers also tend to reach sufficient FDA approvals. Factors such as this may have a positive impact on the growing path of the market for humanized liver mice.

  • Focus on 3Rs

The number of animals used for experiments is recommended to be reduced by careful consideration of static methods and protocols. With the introduction of the 3Rs- replace, reduce, and refine, the use of animal modeling in experiments is being pressured to minimize animal suffering, without compromise on experimental or research statistics. This is expected to impact the humanized liver mice model market in the coming years.

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Key players operating in the global humanized liver mice model market are Hera BioLabs, PhoenixBio Group, Taconic Biosciences, Inc., Beijing Vitalstar Biotechnology Co. Ltd., and Yecuris Corporation.

Global Humanized Liver Mice Model Market Dynamics

Increased numbers of FDA approvals for liver-based disease therapies have increased numbers in research and development activities which require these models, such as an increasing incidence of liver cirrhosis, the technological advancement and development of new humanized liver mice. However, due to the high cost of mice models as well as high shipping costs and alternative availability, the growth of humanized liver mice models is expected to hinder during the forecast period. In addition, regulatory challenges such as mice patenting and other ethical issues including the use of 3Rs policies are expected to curb market growth.

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Changing Government Laws to Push Asia Pacific Market

The dominant region in the global humanized liver mice model market is expected to be North America. This is due to the support of government and private research activities. Other factors supporting the growth of the humanized liver mice model market in the region are government funding and support for patenting genetically modified mice. Asia Pacific, powered by China, due to the changing government’s rules to support the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries in the region, is expected to emerge as a lucrative regional market for humanized liver mice models.

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