How We Beat The Habit Of Digital Technology? Is It Possible Or Not?


Digital technology, a development that has revolutionized the entire existence of humans. Every single individual and the practice has transformed through it. The interaction is now taken place on the internet, business transactions happen online, students get assistance by using cheap assignment help available, all of which is the outcome of the digital advancement. Every single aspect of the life is being affected by it. This makes me question the addiction we have towards this technology and how can we break this habit or addiction. The thing is not the addiction but the obstacles it is causing in term development of our own skills or our own knowledge. The constant complaining of not having enough time because that time is basically spent on switching between the apps in your cell phone. This also results in diminishing our productivity in the workplace too. Upon thorough research, I have come up with some of the activities that could help us in overcoming this addiction, shocked how it is possible? Don’t worry all of that is detailed below:

Activity no 1:

The first we used to see in the morning was the face of a person but with digital technology intervention, it has been replaced by the screen of the cell phone. This habit needs to be cut off completely. Switch this habit with an alarm clock or put it away somewhere far perhaps across the room. Utilize this time by doing some meditation or yoga for the time that you use to spend on checking on your digital device.

Activity no 2:

Let yourself be engaged in outdoor activities as much as possible. Set yourself some parameters as to the change in season. For instance, if the sun is shining outside go for a walk or in rainy season indulge in conversation over a hot cup of coffee with your family or partner.

Activity no 3:

Eliminate the habit of opening tabs of social media when at the workplace or doing some valuable work for your office or school presentation. This keeps you focused on the task at hand as there are no notifications of a new video upload of a friend. This assists in increasing your work efficiency and productivity.

Activity no 4:

There are many social media platform that keeps us engaged the whole time. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and YouTube are some of the websites that consume most of our time of the day. To beat the habit on dependence on these platforms try uninstalling one app. See the difference that one app made in your productivity throughout the day and how much your work depended or suffered through it. Use this practice with every app and just keep the one which is actually needed by you.

Activity no 5:

Stop saying you can’t. this practice is difficult because of the constant thought of being missing out on something amazing is what makes us frequently check the digital devices or tabs. Lock this thought in the back of your brain and forget about the key. When you detach yourself from these sites you are unaware of what’s happening in your neighborhood or what party is planned for the night and a lot more which lets you a peace of mind, how come peace of mind? Because when you don’t know about something at first place, you don’t worry about it.

Activity no 6:

One thing to beat the habit of digital technology is to stop searching for all the things online. Go visit the market instead of ordering it online or a visit place you heard offers best pizzas. Don’t surf the internet for work-related inspiration, instead trust yourself and do it, you will be surprised about the potential you truly hold

These are some of the activities that could help you with beating the habit of being ingrained in digital technologies and discover things out of the technological world. You will be surprised how much pleasure one gets while enjoying a moment instead of snapshotting it.

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