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How to Use Screen Recording Software for Video Creation

Screen recording has become essential of this cutting-edge as a variety of tasks now require your screen to be recorded. For instance, if you want to use your screen recordings to create videos then here in this article, we have a swift approach for you to take! Try the very inclusive, Wondershare DemoCreator software that has some advanced approaches to provide you with a polished screen recording. You can hassle-free perform computer screen recorder as well as your input audio sound with this application.

With compatibility for both Windows and Mac OS systems, DemoCreator screen recording software is probably the best and advanced approach for performing a pile of screen recording tasks like capturing the screen with its Screen Recorder, editing the recordings in its embedded video editor, and using the recordings to create a video by trimming, cutting, and joining clips. You can eventually add the animated titles as well asnumerous special effects and at the end of the alteringsave your recorded and edited clips in high-quality HD or 4K resolution. All of this is possible with the DemoCreator handily.

How to Use DemoCreator Screen Recorder

So, if you’re here to know this powerful toolkit to have a grip on its features, then you’re undoubtedly at the very right place as we’re providing you with the step-by-step guide of how you can perform a variety of options with this advanced level software application and Property management program.Follow the step below:

  1. Set Up the Recording Parameters

At the very first launch of the screen recorder, you can choose the capture area and do some customizations with the dimensions and resolution of the screen to be recorded.

  1. Grab Audio and Video

Meanwhile, in the DemoCreator recorder, you can also set the source of your audio, its volume, and also the webcamfacility to be included in the screen recordings. In addition to that, you can also customize whether you want to include the system sound or not with one simple click.

Furthermore, if you want to only record audio or webcam to your recordings then you can also select the specified options with the DemoCreator recorder window.

  1. Draw on Videos

At the end of the screen recorder, you can see a screen drawing tool slider. By enabling this option, you can easily draw on the video during the recording process without interrupting the recording andadd the important drawings as well as notes to your tutorials. You can also have a variety of annotations to make your recording videos more engaging and attractive for learners.

  1. Show Keystrokes and Mouse

As soon as you hit the record screen button, you can now draw a pile of functionalities to your recording screen. To opt for this feature, refer to the toolbar of the screen drawing tool where you can use the Mouse spotlight feature when recording. You can also highlight the important and noteworthy parts of your recording screen hassle-free.

How to Edit Recorded Videos in DemoCreator

Now, after your screen recording is done, you can use DemoCreator to a whole new level with its video editing functionality respectively. After utilizing the screen recording and game screen recording functionality of this toolkit, now is the time to improve your recordings by polishing them with the new version. Simply proceed to the video editor and perform the following features intuitively.

  1. Basic Editing
    For the very beginner level, you can perform the simplest tasks inan even simpler way. All you need to do is drag your recorded clips to the timeline and refer to the basic editor just opened at the editing interface. Here you can perform simple edits including cutting, splitting, and cropping of your recorded screen.
  2. Add Annotation to Your Video

    In case you’ve missed the screen drawing in real-time, you can perform it even better now in the video editor of DemoCreator. Just after you’re done with the basic editing of the clips, you can refer to the Annotations menu of the interface and from there, you can add plenty of annotations to your recorded videos.

3. Add Transition to Different Scenes

Next is the transitions menu from the menu bar of the software where you can pick your favorite transition effect to add within the joined clips of your recorded content in the timeline. You can simply preview your favorite one from the Transitions menu as following and just after that, you can add it to the timeline right over the clip.

4. Add Caption in Your Video

Inside the Captions menu from the menu bar, you can add titles and animated texts to your recorded videos with a simple drag and drop functionality.

5. Add Cursor Effect to Your Video

If you want to add some cursor effects to your recorded content, then you can do it as well inside the video editor by going to the cursor menu present at the left-side menu bar of the interface and pick your selected one to include inside the recorded clip in the timeline.

6. Green Screen Effects

For better animations, the green screen effect is perhaps an important factor and with the DemoCreator editor, you can include the green screen effect to your recorded videos and tutorials by simply referring to the Effects > Green Screen Effect as follow:

Export Your Video

At the end of the recording and editing functionalities, now is the time to pick your exporting and sharing options with DemoCreator. Fortunately, you can choose different encoders, customized resolution, framerate, and bitrate to your exporting video and the directory as well as where you need to save your video inside your system. All you need to do is refer to the Export button situated at the top-right corner of the screen and then customize the exporting options hassle-free.

Lastly, you can also hit a direct share button to your YouTube channel that will require you to login to your YouTube account and then share your masterpiece directly to YouTube.

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