How to Travel Safely in the COVID-19 Era


The coronavirus pandemic has shown just how easy it is to spread disease through the air and from objects touched by an infected person. As we’ve become increasingly used to washing our hands every hour and using hand sanitizer when we’re out on the streets, we’ve been learning how to keep ourselves as safe from germs and bacteria as possible. And yet, when we think of public transport and getting into enclosed spaces with strangers, this is surely one of the chief ways in which you could catch a virus. As such, here are some travel tips for this unprecedented pandemic.

Take Cabs

When you need to get somewhere as quickly as possible, and you’re unable to drive yourself, your best option is a cab. Whether you keep a company like on speed-dial for whenever you’re caught short and need a lift, or you hail a cab down from the side of the road, this is a safe way to travel in the time of coronavirus.

Not only will your driver be interested in keeping themselves safe from your bacteria — and they’ll likely be wearing a mask for this purpose — but they’ll clean handles and other parts of their vehicle that require a once-over between passengers. This is far cleaner than public transport.

Getting Public Transport

There are millions of people across the US for whom it is difficult to afford a cab each day to their place of work or to get their children into school. For these individuals, it’s either walking or public transport. Now, public transport is regarded as far from ideal for people who are looking to avoid contracting the coronavirus, but with the right precautions, you can remain as safe as possible while on a bus, coach, or subway train.

The key is to sanitize your hands and to wear a mask. These two actions alone will help you to protect yourself from the minute particles released by the coughs and speech of others and they’ll protect you from bacteria on surfaces, too. Keep alert, and sanitize your hands regularly, and you’ll be as safe as possible on public transport.


Many people across the US are used to flying several times a year to visit relatives, conduct business meetings, or to go on mini breaks and vacations up and down the country. In the COVID era, it’s becoming far more difficult to fly with confidence and the best way to remain safe on airplanes is to find those which are barely booked up.

You can do this by talking directly to the flight operators in your region, or by keeping an eye on flights on comparison sites such as SkyScanner. Overall, you’re looking for the strongest guarantee of safety as possible from the airlines that you fly with. And, of course, the more room you have, with the less people around you, the better.

Traveling during COVID-19 is a little more risky than usual, but it’s manageable if you take the correct precautions, as outlined above.

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