How to Switch Your Day Outfit to Night


Work is nearly over, and you have fun plans afterwards. Maybe you are going out for a drink with your co-workers, or maybe you are meeting your partner for a romantic meal. Either way, you are really excited – the only problem is deciding what you will wear.

You don’t want to go out in your work clothes, but you also don’t want to carry a bag with a whole extra outfit in it all day, and you don’t have time to go home and get changed before you go out.

This is a common problem many women face, but thankfully there is a way around it. You can switch your outfit from day to night by just changing one or two things – you just need to know which items to switch.

Here’s how to switch your outfit from day to night.

Swap Your Dress

If you really want to make a big change to your outfit, consider wear a smart dress during the day and pack a more glamorous dress to change into later. Just make sure that both dresses suit the same bag and shoes!

One great way to do this is with a maxi dress. This is because most maxi dresses fit easily inside a handbag, and if you fold the dress properly it shouldn’t get creased. A maxi dress will also completely transform your look, so this is ideal for women who are going somewhere very sophisticated.

If you want to invest in a stylish new maxi dress, check out They have a wide range of beautiful affordable maxi dresses.

Go for Glam Shoes

You can also switch your shoes to add some extra glam. And don’t worry: it doesn’t have to be heels (although heels are always a good option if you like them). Just wear shoes you that you love and you will feel more confident about the way you look.

Change Your Bag

Add something extra to your work outfit by changing your bag for one that is more glam. A glittery clutch bag or a snake-print mini will make your outfit more eye-catching, and it can also help to add a little extra style. Just make sure that you store your old bag in a safe place at work!

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