How to Start Learning Cooking and Why is it Important?


Food is one of the basic things that are required for living. In order to become independent only money is not enough. One must learn how to cook food. You can also keep a cook or eat outside but cooking by yourself not only saves your hard-earned money, but also gives you a healthier life. Many people up to the age of 20 or more do not do household jobs because their parents do all the household stuffs. But after that when one starts earning or starts to live alone one must learn to do all the household stuffs by themselves along with cooking. Though some people find it hard to learn, with proper guidance it is not hard at all.

The learning of basic things like cooking starts at home itself. Whoever is cooking at your home, just go to the kitchen and see how they are doing everything. This will give you get a basic concept of using utensils, spices and other things. Then, comes the food you want to make. Start with the basic foods that are super easy to make and very healthy. For example, let us first start with the following recipes.

  • Chicken/Vegetable Soup: A basic food can be taken as a starter. It is made with a number of vegetables and chicken. That is why it is very healthy and is a suitable dish for kids or patients.
  • Egg Curry: Egg is the main ingredient of this dish. Egg lovers will love to have this as their main course with rice or roti. It can be made easily with onion, garlic and ginger paste, and tomatoes. It has lots of protein which is needed in our daily diet.
  • Chicken Gravy: It is one of the most loved dishes of non-vegetarians, which can be made very easily at home. Various chicken gravy recipes are available on the internet. One can easily go through them and try at home.
  • Dal Makhani: It is a diet with high protein that you can enjoy along with the main course. Varieties of spices used and the lovely smell of Dal is the reason people crave to have this as a part of their meal.
  • Potato Curry: If you love carbohydrate-based food, you should try potato curry for sure. The most important thing is that it is easy to make and has enough spices to bring out the rich flavour. Its gravy is specially made for bringing out the rich flavour in it.

Some simple recipes need to be practiced first so that cooking can be started from simplified dishes. After a person has enough idea about the basic dishes they can easily prepare some dishes with a more complex. These cooking recipe needs to be practiced by all so that they can easily prepare these dishes when they are away from home. One should try their hands on both main course dishes and accompaniments equally making a perfect meal.

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