How to Sign up for PMI PMP Certification Exam


The followings are detailed steps:


First, you need to acquire 35-hour training certificate.

You need to attend the training of PMP knowledge guidance established by PMP certification training institutions authorized by PMI, Project Management Institute. After learning all relevant courses, PMP training institutions will give candidates 35-hour training certificate.


Second, you need to submit materials on the official website of PMI. One week after you have submitted the materials, you can know the auditing result on the website. After confirming that the application is approved, you can sign up for the PMP exam  CLICK TO CONTINUE in Chinese. If the application fails, you need to revise the English information and re-submit the application.


Third, you need to register for the exam in Chinese on the website of China International Talent Exchange Foundation in Chinese.. When the Chinese application is approved, you can submit PMP exam fee on the website. If not, you need to revise the information.


Fourth, one week before the exam, you can log in the China International Talent Exchange Foundation website to check the PMP certification exam information and download and print exam admission card.


Sixth, on the exam date, you need to carry ID card and exam admission card to take the PMI PMP exam. Generally, the exam result will be released four or eight weeks after the test. You can check the result on the official website of PMI. If you have passed the exam, you can download the electronic version. Besides, about half a year after the exam, you can receive the paper certificate which is made b PMI and delivered to the foundation. Then the foundation will send the certificates to each candidate.


To sum up

The general procedures of signing up for the PMP certification test is that:

Participate in PMP certification training—Acquire 35-hour training certificate—Finish English registration—Finish Chinese registration—Submit the exam fee—Take the exam.


Many people may ask why to take PMP exam? The reasons are as follows:

PMP certification is a global certificate. It does good to the improvement of your abilities and to your work. PMP can help us handle the brand-new way of managing projects. Learning project management can broaden our minds and horizons, cultivating systematic thinking mode. You will learn practical working styles and scientific management methods. You will benefit a lot from the certificate training.


You may notice that on the recruitment websites, many companies attached importance to PMP certificates when recruiting product managers or project managers. Before talking about whether PMP is useful for promoting working ability, one advantage of PMP is to distinguish you from other competitors.


Besides, the knowledge system of project management you learn in PMP can be applied to the actual working process. Product managers, in general, will engage in such processes as project initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and closing.


Learning PMP is cultivating the thinking pattern of solving problems. In PMBOK, a project is defined as the provisional work aiming at creating unique products and providing services. From this perspective, many things can be perceived as a project in daily life.

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