How to Save Money on Medication


Prescription medications are a crucial part of our overall health plan, but sometimes they can cost far too much for us to want to spend on those pills. While it can be frustrating, don’t give up on getting the prescription drugs that you need. There are options available to get you the medicine you need, while not having to take out a second mortgage just to cover the cost of a refill.

Online Discounts

If you have health insurance, that can cut into some of the cost of your prescriptions. However, you can only get so much in savings from your coverage. It’s important to explore drug prices that are out there that could be more affordable than what you’re spending at least once a month at your local pharmacy. Websites like USARx provide patients with discounts and coupons in real-time to spare them from emptying out their wallets in order to get their medication. These discounts are available for drugs across the United States ranging from doxycycline to acticin.

Beyond coupons, where you purchase your prescriptions from can also impact the cost. Your local pharmacy may charge more for your particular medication than a big-box pharmacy. You can even find savings in the long-term by purchasing a larger supply of your prescriptions, opting for a 90-day as opposed to a 30-day to keep you from running up your monthly expenses.

Generic Prescriptions

The truth is generic drugs have the same positive impact as their brand-name counterparts. Generic prescriptions carry the same active ingredients that the brand names do. Generics are produced after patents expire for the brand name, leading to more companies manufacturing the drug on the cheap as it’s already undergone rigorous testing to reach the marketplace. That said, the Food and Drug Administration requires these companies to go through several hurdles to prove that these generic prescription drugs can be effectively substituted.

The generic medicine has the same strength, use indications, and forms as its brand-name counterpart. This must also have acceptable inactive ingredients to assure patient satisfaction and safety at all times. While it’s not a special offer or discount, these generic options cost significantly less than brand names because there are far more options available, and there’s no overhead cost brought on by testing and marketing. For example, the cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor retails for about $390 for a 30-day supply. The generic version, known as atorvastatin, is about $10 for a 30-day supply. Always ask your primary care provider or your specialist if a generic option is available.

Apply for Assistance

The truth is prescription drugs can run up a tremendously high bill, but there are assistance programs available that allow you and your family members to score on discounts. There are many programs offered through state and local governments that monitor patient compliance and reduced rates from drug manufacturers. Needy Meds, Partnership for Prescription Assistance, and nonprofits offer countless resources that allow for cheaper versions of even generic prescriptions that are in the marketplace.

Medicare patients can also access cheaper drugs under their health insurance coverage. There is prescription coverage, but you should also be sure to update your plan as time goes on. Medicare plans change annually, including prescription medications that are covered, as well as the copays and deductible amounts. Be sure to review your options during the enrollment period of October 15 to December 7, looking out for the possibility of drug sampling to find the treatment plans that you and your doctors find suited for you. Don’t hesitate to do your research to find the meds you need for the lowest price.

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