How to Prepare for the Exam without Foundation in CISA


For example, what review materials should be looked at, where to find materials, whether there are any changes in the examination outline, whether it is necessary to participate in relevant training courses, etc.

CISA generally takes the exam mainly for the IT, audit, finance and related persons, each of them has their own advantages. For example, IT personnel are familiar with chapters 3, 4, and 5, but review the audit standards and guidelines are difficult for IT personnel, because CISA(isaca cisa certification) looks at problems from the perspective of audit. If you are an auditor, your relative IT knowledge will take time to review.

Firstly lay a good basic knowledge of each field.

Then slowly learn the official review book (be sure to have a more in-depth understanding of each knowledge point).
Then do the official problem set (ensure that you can understand the logic of each question and fully understand the options and why you choose this answer, at the same time, find the corresponding knowledge points of each question in the book to deepen your understanding, and then go to the network to find the relevant knowledge points to expand and understand). The last time you go through the book and the topic (especially the wrong question) is to change your thinking into that of an information systems auditor.

I took the exam in September 2017, and passed with a low score.

The work has nothing to do with IT audit, so I haven’t any basic of IT. Why I took the exam? Because the company has QPAY, so I can get more money every month.

I didn’t even look at the book. I just did the exercises. However, when the exam did not have the original exercises, do these exercises just by feeling, so do the exercises when the answer analysis to look carefully. I did it three or four times, but chapter five was too difficult to understand, so I gave up. Of course, I just reviewed the wrong exercises in the end. The low score drifted past with satisfaction.

You don’t have to read books, just do the exercises again and again.

Recently, new employees have joined the CISA team, and everyone is saying, “Does the exam is easy to pass?” Actually, let’s go through the exercises a couple of times, just to make sure they’re all. Even if the answer is memorized, it will be passed. Those who did not pass the exam, due to did not read exercises carefully.

Really need not to read a book, the reality of IT audit with the content of the book has nothing to do.

I took the CISA exam on December 14, 2018 and passed it with a score of 579.

The transcript is attached below.

I majored in accounting during my undergraduate study, and then worked as an auditor in GT for three years. I can only say that I have a slight understanding of IT knowledge.

In fact, CISA itself is more the combination of IT security and audit knowledge, focusing on internal control and risk management, IT is mainly related to some basic knowledge, so even if you are not information security major, if you have audit or IT background, IT will be much better to review, that is, mainly investigate ITGC.

I started my review in April 2018 and began to read it intermittently. By August, I was ready to review CPA. I reviewed for about 80 hours and finished three chapters and exercise books. Later, after completing the CPA exam in mid October, it will be officially put into the CISA test. Until December 14, I maintain a review time of about 3 hours a day.

The total investment time is about 250 hours, which is enough for a novice.

Talk about the review plan, first from Taobao to buy the two official books, chose to do a chapter exercises, then targeted reading, to tell the truth, the logic of the book is not good, and the focus is not outstanding. The exercise set I did one time firstly, review the correct answer again, then read a book; After reading the book and then combined with my own marking questions, copy to the wrong set to deepen memory. Many knowledge points are repeated, need to understand memory, the official two books are the focus, but will be smart to read.

Buying a book from Taobao will be attached to network disk materials, in addition to a few parts of them, other materials is not very useful. It is recommended not to waste time, especially before 2015, because 2015 textbooks outline revision, it is said that there will be changes in June next year.

Read 2 books, mainly review a set of GA training videos. The quality of the exercises produced by GA was not very high, but the knowledge points were well organized and the framework was clear. In the later review, I mainly combined notes and paper materials.

Finally, if you don’t feel like you’re ready, sign up first. Once you pay the USD760 entry fee, you’ll find yourself fighting like hell.

After the CISA exam, I may transfer to IT audit, and then learn big data.

There are no restrictions on registration for the CISA exam. Just applying has some requirements, so personnel that with zero foundation wants to change a line to do IT audit can take an examination of this certificate.

The gold content of CISA certificate: It is a requisite certificate for IT audit, CISA certificate is one of the most popular certificates in the world, It is regarded as the “gold standard” of IT/IS certification by enterprises and professionals worldwide, and also is the first choice for management to pursue high salary.

Share CISA exam experience:

First round review: clear knowledge blind spots

After listening to all the CISA online videos once and starting to do all the exercises of the CISA five-chapter, I felt the pain and sleepiness of reading the books every day.

Second round review: do exercises

After listening to a chapter of courseware, look at the corresponding chapter of the exercise book and analysis, due to the limited time, I insisted on seeing the third chapter; Then directly listen to each chapter of the exam to explain the courseware (first do, then listen to explain analysis, don’t understand the explanation of the place to find their own books to see knowledge points or listening to the piece); In the second round review, I tested the sample papers of 377 pages in the exercise book twice. The first time I failed, and the second time I got 97 right.

The third round review: pre-exam simulation

Look at my mistakes and listen to the video courseware in each chapter exercises explained; Before the simulated examine, I tested the 47 simulated courseware before the exam in the video courseware. I did it firstly and then explained the lecture documents. I examined each question directly without pausing.

On the penultimate day before the exam, I examined the CISA pre-exam simulation by a CISA certified instructor. Some of the exercises were repeated and familiar. I followed the same test methods before, did it by myself, listened to the explanation again, recorded the wrong questions, and found 132 correct exercises after the examine.

24 hours before the exam, look at the knowledge points that you are not familiar with, the wrong questions and the pictures of the wrong questions stored in your mobile phone; Among them, you will go to find the answer, if you really can’t find the correct answers, go to ask the people who passed.
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