How to Precisely Measure Your Windows for Spring Flavored Modern New Blinds


Seasons are always changing and the next one on the list is the most popular spring season. It is one of the most beautiful times of the year with colorful organic life springing all around us. Home and other building’s interiors get treated the same way as people implement fresh new colors and designs in them to make them shine brighter in the new season. Windows in modern homes are almost as essential as anything and take up a lot of canvas space on the main walls, this provides an excellent opportunity for these to be dressed up nicely providing springy looks and other seasonal benefits with it as well.

Windows blinds are some of the most popular window treatment ideas in the modern day and their sung fit around the windowpanes allow other decorations around them while making the windows look great as well. Roller blinds are perfect examples when it comes to made to measure blinds in different room or interior settings. Roman, Vertical or wooden blinds perform similar function as well and are all great options. However, to fit your blinds right, you have to measure the windows accurately as well. There are some easy mistakes that could be made when measuring windows, here are some tips on how to precisely measure your windows for spring flavored modern new blinds:

Using the Correct Measuring Tape

It all starts with a window and a measuring tape. When noting down the most precise measures, cloth or even some fabric tapes fail to provide millimeter perfect measurements. Metallic tapes are some of the most accurate because there is no flex in them and will provide the most precise and accurate measure anywhere you use them. The difference you will find in measurements taken from a cloth tape or a metal tape will surprise you and the metallic rolling tapes that are easy to carry around as well are often the best options.

Having selected the right tape, you should always make sure it is marked accurately and there is no part of it missing at all. Chewed up tapes or damaged ones tend to give false readings and mess up your windows blinds implementations. Even the slightest mistake can cost dearly in this matter.

Choose the Best Types of Blinds for Your Rooms

There are numerous types of windows blinds. The durable Roman blinds, unique vision blinds, luxury wooden blinds or cheap yet functional roller blinds are all great options. But the difference is in your interior settings, different windows blinds offer different set of looks and unique advantages that must be kept in mind while installing them. Taller less wide windows can do best with unique vertical blinds because their vertical stripes provide a suitable look or for differently shaped curved windows, these will perform best curving around the curvature as well.

You must carefully select the right ones for your windows depending on their designs, sizes, dimensions and also the way you have designed the rest of your interiors. For rooms where there is a lot of wooden furniture or designs implemented, wooden blinds will provide eye pleasing complements and will let you control the daylight and fresh air as well. Vision blinds will suit many office or commercial setups perfectly. All these options have their own benefits, choose the best ones for your rooms. When looking for the best ways on how to precisely measure your windows for spring flavored modern new blinds, first deciding on best blinds types is a good start.

Inside or Outside Mounted Blinds

Windows blinds are not limited to only one side installation. Unlike door blinds, these can be implemented on both sides of the glass. However, measurements have to adapt to your particular installation and for both cases different steps have to be taken to get a perfect fit. The inside mounted blinds are almost always confined within the window areas and the outside ones usually have to cover up slightly above and beyond them. Here’s how to measure both perfectly:

Measuring Windows for the Inside Blinds

The blinds types, i.e. horizontal or vertical will have different ways for measuring them up as both of these require different installation techniques and slightly different covering areas for the windows.

Horizontal Blinds:

The widths and heights for windows might be slightly different at different locations. To avoid any inconveniences, start with measuring the width inside the window from at the top end then move your way down to the middle and the bottom after that. Ideally, all three should be same but if you find any slight differences make sure to take a couple more measurements and use the largest measurement for a full fit. Follow the exact same procedure for the height as well using the tallest measurement.

Vertical Blinds:

Vertical windows blinds are different in their installations and to get a perfect fit for them start by measuring the width inside the window frame at the top moving down the middle and at the bottom. Use the largest measurement and for the height, measure the height inside the window frame from the top of the opening to the sill at the left and no further, move to the middle and the to the right, here use the smallest measurement as the vertical blinds will cover up most of the windowpane.

Measuring Windows for the Outside Blinds

For outside mounted blinds, it is important to first mark points highlight where you want the blinds to finish. Than follow the below instructions for vertical or horizontal blinds:


Simply measure the width between the outer-most points where you will be installing your outside mounted blinds and then measure the height the same way and you should be good to go.


For your outside mounted vertical window blinds, measure the width from the outer most points and add 2 inches on each side for maximum light control because these will sway around with outside wind. Move to the height and measure from the head-rail location to the will at the left, middle and right sides of the frame.

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