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How to Plan for an Incredible Trip to London

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London is a city for everyone, which is why you shouldn’t make the mistake of going on someone else’s trip just because it is in a top ten booklet or article. You need to and should create an itinerary that is based on what you want to do and what you and your guests are interested in.

There is a London to suit every budget and every taste bud. There is a London out there for you. When deciding how to spend your time in the capital, take inspiration from the below and create a trip like no other.

Know Your Budget and Stick to It

You can have a great time in London at any budget, but you need to know it in advance so that you can stick with it. A great way to pad your budget out, of course, is to book certain costs in advance. The cost of your hotel or hostel, the cost of trains to and from the airport, the cost of event tickets and so on. This way you can better absorb the cost and create a budget that will just cover costs on the day.

Tip: Budget for at least one or two meals that cost on average £30 per person. There are many ways to eat for £10 per meal or less if you make it yourself at your accommodation, but to really enjoy London having one incredible meal is a must.

Forget the Tourist Traps and Search for Your Interests

Some tourist destinations, like the museums, are absolutely worth it. They are free to enter and you get to see amazing history and art in truly beautiful buildings. Others, like the aquarium, London Eye, or even Buckingham palace, are not necessary for a great trip, which is why you’ll find that many of the people who live in London have never been.

Tips for Finding Great Food

You will be able to find great food anywhere throughout London, which is why when looking for places to eat you should skip the best dishes and instead look for places that offer a unique experience. Whether it’s a fun Boodle Fight at RAPSA Asian Food instead of the typical Sunday Roast you are looking for, or a meal in the dark, there are fun, new experiences to be had along with your meal wherever you go to make every moment magical.

Always Check for Events While You Are There

There will be free events, paid events, discounted events and more during your trip, because there are incredible events in London every single day. If you are on a tight budget, keep an eye out for free exhibitions or restaurants and bars that have live acts. Otherwise, download a ticket app that will let you know if there are any deals on seats – including lottery tickets that can have you see a west end show for an incredible price.

Make Use of the Free, Fun Things to Do

There are so many incredible things to do in London that are entirely free, and many of them are what makes the city so great. So make time to see the fun, free things to do in the city during your trip no matter what your budget is.

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