How to manage VOC exposure in the workplace?


VOCs or volatile organic compounds are prevalent chemical impurities found in workplaces and are a root of odours; some of them could be a health hazard for employees. Lowering exposure to the VOCs can help in attaining a better work environment for the staff. These pollutants found in workplaces can incorporate paints, stains, caulks, coatings, varnishes, cleaning agents, fabric materials, furnishings, etc. Look for an excellent portable welding fume extractor.

If VOCs are not managed, health problems might occur.  Signs reported by employees in manufacturing units with VOCs include skin irritation, rashes, fatigue, nausea, headache, watery or burning eyes, and throat irritation. If there is a high concentration of VOCs, serious outcomes can include harm to the liver, kidneys, or nervous system.

Ways to reduce VOC elements from workplace

  1. When it is about how to control VOC in workplace, the first thing which the employees must do is to report their problems instantly to management or those accountable for building security and maintenance.
  2. Also, they must visit their health care provider.
  3. They must stop the usage of room fresheners, as these can lead to irritation of nose, throat, and eyes.
  4. They should request the management to install a good VOC fume extraction system.

Other ways of controlling VOC exposure

  • Go for products with low VOC levels

You can simply take away the root of the cause by choosing products that produce fewer or zero VOCs. For example, while changing flooring and carpets, there are usually low VOC options available, which means that you can get rid of trouble during the office revamps. Workplace cleaning products are another source of VOCs. Once again, it is possible to search for a safer option. You can easily notice the benefits as studies have confirmed that a mixture of proper ventilation and low-VOC cleaning products lessened breathing problems among nursing home occupants by 70 percent and by 40 percent for school kids.

  • Store the chemicals securely

The cleaning and maintenance chemicals must be kept in well-maintained locations, with air-tight containers. They shouldn’t be kept anywhere they can affect the HVAC units or next to any ignition source. Make sure everything is labelled visibly and that any unsuited chemicals are stored well away from each other. Moreover, you must restrict access to the chemical store to those who want it.

Try to find and pay for a top-notch VOC fume extraction system for your workplace.

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