How to Make the Hand Sanitizer at Home with Ingredients


The deficiency for the hand sanitizers and N95 masks has been posing severe risks to many lives. In such times, a careful approach can make things count and help fight the Novel Coronavirus pandemic. Every day new data of infection is giving a chill down the spine. The only alternative left in the absence of vaccination is personal care and precautions.

The World Health Organization and governments of different countries have asked the citizens to maintain social distancing, wear masks like N95 masks, and its natural, economical alternative to fighting the coronavirus. To an extent, anyone can manage to make a mask on their own. Though it might not be as effective as an N95 mask, it can certainly protect against the infection.

But the real challenge comes when you have to deal with the scarcity of handwashes, shops and sanitizers in the market. Hand sanitizers are the best options to pick when you instantly wish to kill the virus without using soap and water. But lately, due to increased demand, the supply has downward spiraled, and people are becoming skeptical. Fret now, as with some minor tweaking at home, and you can easily make your hand sanitizers using the DIY at home. Here’s how to get started with the same.

Ingredients Needed To Make the Hand Sanitizer at Home

  • 2/3 cup – 99% Rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) or ethanol
  • 1/3 cup – 100% aloe vera gel (pure)
  • 8 to 10 drops – Essential Oil, pick tea tree oil (optional)
  • An empty hand sanitizer bottle or any other bottle
  • Funnel
  • Spoon and bowl
  • Gloves for the prevention of contamination during the mixing process (optional)

How to Make the Hand Sanitizer at Home?

Step 1

You need to pick a big bowl and mix all the ingredients in their required proportion. It should be 2/3rd 99% alcohol, and 1/3rd should be the gel to get started with the job. In case, if you are not able to get utterly concentrated alcohol, using a Vodka might also sound excellent. But take that as a last resort.

Step 2

The next step is to clean the container thoroughly so that there is no instance of any contamination happening.

Step 3

Once you have thoroughly mixed the stuff and everything contained in the same, use the funnel and store the same in small bottles so that you can carry it to your preferred places in your pocket.

Are Hand Sanitizers Effective in killing the Novel Coronavirus?

The CDC or Center for Disease Control has said explicitly that the alcohol content in the sanitizer can destabilize the protein lining of the Novel Coronavirus and prevent its infiltration to the human skin. These sanitizers are very effective in killing several microbes and ensure that you are safe against any infection. But it would help if you made sure that the alcohol content in the sanitizer must be above 60% always to kill most of the microbes.


Hand sanitizers are very effective in dealing with the Novel Coronavirus pandemic as you might not have sufficient water and soap at every destination that you visit throughout the day. Therefore, keeping a hand sanitizer bottle at home or in your pocket can protect you always against the Covid-19 infection. Apart from the hand sanitizer, use N95 marks to ensure better protection against the virus in crowded places and maintain social distancing.

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