How to Make Printed Soap Boxes out of Cardstock


Making printed soap boxes with card-stock is a fun little project for your soap business. Small scale soap shops on Etsy make their soap boxes on their own when they are not willing to order ready-made boxes from suppliers or have the budget to order custom made boxes for their soaps. These stores make soap boxes in order to save up on the packaging budget and they can get plenty of these boxes made in a very limited budget. Boxes for soaps are made easily using a very simple few steps method; you can make these with very few things.

Step 1, Get the supplies together:

To make custom luxury boxes for soap packaging you need supplies that you can get and keep side the extra stuff for use in the future. For making these boxes you need a pair of safety scissors, some designer card stock (2 to 3 designs), wash it apes (optional), you can also make these with plain card-stock if you don’t want designer card-stock, hot glue, scale, marker, some embellishments of your choice (optional) and a paper cutter. You can use stamps to decorate the boxes as well if you like.

Step 2, Take measurements:

To make cheap soap boxes yourself, you will begin the work after getting the supplies together. Next step after that would be to take the measurements of the soaps you will be packaging. Your soaps can be solid square or rectangle shapes as well as random and assorted shapes, we are making single rectangle box for single soap, you can use this shape for a variety of shapes, make it larger for assorted shaped soaps. Put the soap on the cardstock, put dots around it for guideline.

Step 3, Start with the project:

Now the main work begins, which is creating a structure of the box, you have to choose sturdy card-stock in order to make sturdy soap box design in order to keep the soap secure. Connect the dots on the card-stock with a scale and a pen and fold the box along the lines created. Put the flaps on the sides on top of each other and secure them with hot glue. Close the bottom of the box like the way you do while wrapping gifts.

Step 4, Assembling:

We now have a body of the box that looks something like custom printed soap boxes and the end of the box is closed for the soap as well. Now it’s time to create the top of the box to easily close and open it, there are two wider and two narrow sides of the card stock of the box. Cut all three sides separate except one wide side and leave about 3 inches of the card stock when you cut this one separate as well. Fold it in three folds.

Step 5, Error correction:

The three folds are the flap of the box that goes in once the soap is inside the custom cardboard packaging. This is about time you check the structure for errors and correct them before you secure the whole box and join it all with glue. Put the soap or soaps inside the box, see of the size look perfect. If at this point the size is larger, check which part of the box can be altered, if it is small you need to remake the box.

Step 6, Securing the box:

Now if your boxes are the right size and they look neat enough, you will take the hot glue and secure the box from all sides but very neatly. Custom soap boxes are all slightly different in side when made in single units so don’t get all stressed out when they don’t look the same size. If you take the measurements correctly you will not need to go through the process again but trial and error and enough practice can perfect you in making these boxes.

Step 7, Final touches:

You soap boxes are ready but you can’t start using them right away until you check them thoroughly and add a few personal touches to it. They are unlike the wholesale soap boxes that are all the same and are in perfect sizes. If you have made these boxes for gifts then you can add a few flowers and cut outs on them. But if they are made for e-commerce then you can decorate them with decorative tapes or wash it apes. Close the top of box with wash it ape.


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