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How to make a multivendor website on the OpenCart

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Multivendor website a term used for an environment online wherein different types of sellers come together to sell different types of products. The owner of the website gets a small amount of money for every product sold by the sellers. It is a win-win situation as everyone who benefits includes users, sellers or website owner.

Purple tree is a software company which began in 2016 and is registered as the start-up of India as a multi-vendor website. It offers a website for a mobile app, different types of themes, good search mechanisms, export and import of goods, the location of the store, stocks in place and many other facilities. It also offers opencart as well as magneto profiles. In order to report a billing issue, license issue, issue with setup and any other issue the company offers a request processing cycle. For request processing there is a ticket system, a request can be placed and is given a unique identifier. The status can be tracked using that unique identifier.

Opencart: Some companies which have very good quality in terms of products and support become authorized as open cart partners. Purple tree software is one which enables vendors on “How to make a multi vendor website on Opencart”.

Magneto 2: The store for Magento 2 can be converted to a mobile application which is android based. The users can buy using smartphones and sellers can review the order history as well as dashboards. A laptop or personal computer requirement, therefore, is not essential for buyers. Magento 2 marketplace extension allows vendors in automation by permitting them to prioritize their products, bills, shipments and so on. Buyers can provide feedback and ratings of the products which become visible to others also. The features available with software includes cPanel for user, quick response time of marketplace, themes, any number of vendors can be created, sellers manage everything, compatibility with another magento 2 theme, many gateways, user friendly feedback mechanisms, many sellers can check out at the same time, seller accounts can be seen, emails, any number of products details can be uploaded and managed to name some.

Magneto software versions are available from magento 2.0.0 to 2.3.x. Theme is graphical appearances of the web page or view given to the user and provides the look and feel. Readymade themes are available for supermarket, marketplace, fashion, and clothes, garden, home decoration, health, beauty products, food, drinks, electronic items etc. cPanel is a control panel made in Linux operating system which simplifies the steps of hosting a website for the seller as well as a buyer by giving tools and graphical interface.

Product Brochure: Every vendor wonder “How to make a multivendor website in opencart” and upload the product information. This is done using purple tree software and the product information is first made in pdf format. The pdf can then be loaded as an installation process and made visible to all. The software enables viewing, searching for this information over the internet thereby promoting its ability to sell.

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