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How to Maintain Healthy Hair

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Taking care of hair is much needed when living a stressful life and in an ambience and environment which is full of pollution and dust. People tend to lose a lot of hair due to this bad environment around and of not taking proper care of their hair.

In order to prevent that one need to follow some easy steps. One can also find some beauty tips for hair in Hindi in beauty magazines.

Regular stress, bad food habit and constant weather change leads to flakes in the scalp. To fight back flakes lemon juice is the best option. A mixture of lemon juice and olive oil can help you out from this problem. The acidity present in lemon juice helps to loosen the dry flakes from hair and olive oil adds moisture to the scalp.

Many people do not know that the digestive system is actually connected to your hair growth. The better the stomach health you have, the good and healthy your hair is. That is why; you need to add some things in your regular diet. One needs to add more proteins and iron based foods like banana, fish, leafy vegetables, milk and cheese to their regular eating habits. If you eat more junk and oily food, it will directly affect your hair. So, eat healthy to have healthy hair.

Do not wash your hair with water every day. If you do that, the roots of your hair tend to get loose and as a result, more hair fall happens. Try to wash it every alternative day and use a mild shampoo while washing. Comb wet hair carefully because; they are very fragile and tend to break. Use a broad toothed comb so that it is easy to brush from root to the end.

Deep nourishing conditioning is a must at least once in every alternative week. In this, one needs to shampoo their hair and pat it well removing all the water and then apply conditioner to it. Wrap it up with a towel and leave it for at least 15 minutes. Then rinse off the conditioner well with water. This will leave your hair smooth and silky. Before doing this one needs to pick up the right shampoo and conditioner for their hair. It is a good idea to pick shampoos which have less sulphate content as they have fewer chemicals in them. Also try to use the shampoo and conditioner from the same brand.

Oiling your hair is always good. It is better to sprinkle some water on hair before applying the oil. Then use a very light coconut oil and massage your hair gently for a few minutes. Leave it for an hour and then shampoo it off with cold water. Do not forget to condition it, even if you have used oil earlier. One can also use oil creams if they are not comfortable with oil.

These are some major tips for beautiful hair in Hindi and one needs only a few minutes every day to follow this.

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