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How to Look Stylish In Maternity Wear

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Pregnancy is a daunting phase, even more so if you’re animage conscious young woman. Don’t fret over how your pre-pregnancy clothes don’t fit anymore. Just follow these tips and you’ll be able to achieve a style all of your own.

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Stick With Your Individual Look

Pregnancy is not a good reason to abandon your usual look for something dowdy.Don’t feel like you need to give up on fashion just because you’re getting bigger. Go through your wardrobe for pieces that are most flattering to your body shape and start from there. Adopt a maternity style which is both comfortable and elegant. The most sensible maternity topsare long, loose shirts, flowing blouses, vests and cardigans. These look great on their own, over a pair of pants or jeans or layered with a jacket. Also do some shopping to pick up a few must-haves such as jeans or leggings with a wider waistband than usual,to leave room for your growing tummy. Throw on a pair of boots for a high end look. Don’t feel like you need to hide your baby bump either. You can choose to wear skin-tight dresses or pants to show it off. Clothing with low necklines are also attractive and popular, as well as mini dresses, just as long as you keep it classy.


Accessories will serve to draw attention away from your bump or towards it, depending on what you prefer. Long chunky necklaces paired with a dress or shirt look stylish and will help distract from your bump. On the other hand, wearing a large belt will accentuate it. Belts look great worn over a ballooning top or loose dress. They can be fitted either over or under your belly. Another great style for accessories is the hippie look. Long and breezy peasant-inspired dresses and kaftans are a perfect pick to match with all kinds of accessories, including bracelets, earrings, necklaces and headbands. Maxi dresses are not only comfortable, they’re chic as well. Just make sure you don’t look too swamped up in your jewellery. For a polished look and especially for office wear, have some trendy scarves to layer over your outfits. Stand-out shoes are also a must have. High heels may not be the most comfortable choice at this stage in your life, so avoid them as much as possible and gravitate towards shoes with low heels or flats.

What to Avoid

If classy and elegant are what you’re aiming for, there are a few fashion dos and don’ts to remember. Choose solid colours over vibrant prints and bold patterns. Dark colours often look the best, though you can add pops of colour if you wish. Don’t overdo it either, keep it simple, yet sophisticated. Materials to avoid include satin and silk as these don’t usually look flattering over a baby bump. Also stay away from polyester. Cotton is usually the best choice when it comes to fabrics.

You can embrace the changes taking place in your body while looking great at the same time!

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