How To Let Your Local Area Inspire Your AirBnB


Find out how to let your local area inspire your AirBnB so that your customers enjoy the space you have provided with well thought out decor.

Decorating an AirBnB is not always easy because you have to think about the kind of decor that other people would prefer, pushing your own taste aside. This can be really tricky and the wrong choice could even influence the amount of bookings you get if you don’t get it right.

One great way to inspire the decor in your AirBnB is by taking elements of the area the property is in and reflecting those elements in the property. This is a nod to the area your customers have come to see and an easy way to add unique and quirky visual aspects to make the property stand out.

Here are some ideas to help you let your local area inspire your AirBnB:

Local Vintage

For cheap decor additions, why not shop at local markets or antiques fayres for beloved belongings local people are selling on. Chairs bought at the local street market, or a chunky living room table purchased at a well known local antiques shop bring high quality to your property and some great talking points for when you show your customer round.

Natural Surroundings

Nature can be an amazing place to gain inspiration for your property. Is there a particular type of tree synonemous with the area such as oak? You could take some oak leaf art work or even photography and enlarge it or put it on canvas and display it. Perhaps there are lavendar fields nearby so purple tones could be reflected in the property. Maybe certain animals are native to the area such as birds of prey. Maybe a certain wood like cedar is a popular building material in the area so you could include furniture made from that wood. Any prominent nature in the area could easily be reflected and used in your AirBnB decor.

Local Landmarks

If there are particular local landmarks in the area you know customers are likely to go and see, you could include images of them or even souvenirs from there displayed in interesting ways.

Local Production

Perhaps wool is produced locally, or maybe there are special local porcelain tiles (try here on D├ęcor Tiles) or types of pottery. Supporting your local community with products produced locally is great for the businesses local to you and for the look of your AirBnB.

Period Property

If the property sits on a street with Victorian houses, or in an area with cottages, you have a natural style set out for you straight away. You don’t have to decorate traditionally, but enhancing the features your property already has, and taking inspiration from modern decor in the style of the local properties is a great way to let your local area inspire your AirBnB.

When you get an AirBnB ready for customers, do try to see your local area through a strangers eyes. Think: why would people visit this area? What might they notice about local buildings, nature, materials and landmarks? The more well thought out your property is, the more selling points you have for customers looking for a beautiful AirBnB that reflects the area they want to come and stay in.

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