How to keep the tyres safe in summer heat?


As we enter the summer season, tyre safety become extremely important for safety of the vehicle and yourself. Monitoring tyre pressure is crucial to prevent imminent blowouts as a result of summer heat causing fatal accidents every year. The case of UAE is exceptional since summer heat has a new meaning to it with temperature rising above 40 degree which means tyres in Dubai need extra care.

Properly inflated tyres would go a long way thereby avoiding such failures. Since air pressure is the life blood for any tyre, under-inflated wheels produces heat twice as much due to excessive sidewall flexing which is bad for effective handling and fuel economy. In addition, underinflated tyres tend to wear faster which is heavy on the budget as well since you need to replace them frequently.

During extreme heat, surface temperature may rise above 150 degree Fahrenheit so just imagine what car tyres in Dubai would experience while you enjoy driving in an air-conditioned cabin. Only proper inflation ensures a tyre temperature remains within functional range. The pressure fact isn’t just limited to summer but must be considered all year long since blowout can occur unexpectedly due to reasons other than just the heat.

Keeping the tyres fit

Tyre tread splits when internal heat exceeds the defined limit and the bonding between the tyre belts and casing vaporises. This situation leads either to separation of the belts from the tyre casing or disintegration of the belt package.

Tyres in Dubai if operating under pressure less than recommended that is 80 percent are likely to fail on the road during hot and cold weather as well. The blowout factor in winter is low as cold air retains itself thereby keeping the temperature down.

Tyre industry experts and engineers say that a slightly underinflated tyre won’t experience too much degradation in winter as compared to summer when embarking on a long highway trip. On fully-loaded vehicles such as trucks, even a fraction of under-pressured tyres may abruptly burst.

Proper inflation

Properly inflated tyres in Dubai are flexible enough to cope with the change in road surface but not if it generates too much heat. Daily pressure check is therefore important which hardly takes five-to-ten minutes that are worthy for road safety.

If you’re unsure, let a tyre expert at auto shop check it out. Excess moisture also corrodes tyre rim and ultimately damaging it and even this can be avoided if the wheels are properly inflated since they can shun water before it reaches the tyre core.

For optimum performance out of your car tyres in Dubai, follow these steps;

  1. Check inflation pressure in each tyre including spare only when they’re cold or haven’t been on the road for at-least three hours.
  2. Pressurise to the recommended setting as mentioned on the information placard.
  3. Have the wheels inspected at a professional service station every month.


The details here ensure your car tyres in Dubai retain their performance even during peak summer season.

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