How to Impress Clients as a Freelance Writer


While there are numerous exceptions to the rule, most freelance writers need repeat business in order to stay afloat. Having clients who enlist their services on a regular basis provides writers with a sense of security – which is a dwindling commodity in the world of freelancing. However, impressing prospective clients and earning their trust requires effort on the part of a writer. After all, if you expect a client to provide you with consistent work, it’s only fitting that you show them why you deserve their business. Freelance writers who are interested in attracting regular clients can benefit from the following pointers.

Honor Your Deadlines

As any experienced freelancer can attest, honoring deadlines is vitally important to one’s professional success. Any writer looking to impress a new client would be wise to regard deadlines as sacrosanct. A surprising number of writers play fast and loose with deadlines, so submitting your work on or before an agreed-upon date is a great way to distinguish yourself from them. On the flipside, failure to meet deadlines generally belies a lack of professionalism and is tremendously disrespectful to clients. If you fail to honor professional commitments, you have no business getting upset or angry when a client refuses to work with you again. In addition to meeting deadlines, take care to submit your invoices in a timely manner. The free online estimate template can help get you started.

Understand Directions

Before getting started on a job, make sure you fully understand the client’s expectations. A simple miscommunication at the beginning of an assignment can result in a finished product that runs counter to what the client actually wanted. To decrease the likelihood of a misunderstanding, carefully read over any directions or style guides clients send your way – and contact them if you have any questions before beginning work. This will help curb any unpleasant surprises down the line and show your clients that you’re able to absorb directions.

Don’t Sweat Revisions

Revising your work is an inescapable facet of writing professionally. You may not always agree with the revisions your clients request, but provided they aren’t completely unreasonable, it’s in your best interest to tend to them. When asked to revise their work, many writers immediately go on the defensive and offer responses that are either laced with insincerity or outright disrespectful. Needless to say, responding in this manner won’t do you any favors and can put a considerable strain on your professional relationships. No writer relishes revisions, but taking them in stride can earn you points with new clients and show them how flexible you are.

The world of freelance writing can be harsh. Without the support of regular clients, most freelancers would be unable to make a living in this field. As such, anyone interested in turning freelance writing into a career should make finding new clients a priority. While winning over prospective clients isn’t always easy, it isn’t nearly as difficult as some writers make it look. In the quest to build up your client roster, the tips discussed above are sure to come in handy.

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