How To Host A Baby Shower At Work? Here Are Some Useful Tips


Baby showers are typically hosted at the expecting parents’ house, at the house of the one arranging the shower, or at a restaurant or hotel. These venues are seen as traditional and acceptable, but in today’s busy modern world baby showers at the office is slowly becoming a trend.

The office baby shower is usually very popular among working moms who share a close relationship with the people she works with. Since throwing a baby shower at the office is still new, there are still many questions and hijinks to address.

Those who are planning to use the office for a baby shower, here are a few helpful tips to ensure you don’t step on anyone’s toes or break any office rules:

Tip 1: Ask The Expecting Mom If She Wants A Baby Shower

Surprises can be fun, but not everyone likes a party and the attention it brings on their pregnancy. Even if you want to surprise the mom to be at the office, it is still better to ask her permission first before you start to plan anything at all.

Tip 2: Check With HR

If the celebrant does agree to the party, the next step is to ask the Human Resources department if you are allowed to throw the party at the office. Many offices will allow as long as the party does not disrupt the workflow. Some HR departments might even allow you to use one of the conference rooms in the office.

No matter how relaxed your office is when it comes to parties, always take the time to ask so that no one gets in trouble.

Tip 3: Keep It Short And Simple

Throwing the shower during office hours is very tricky, but it does ensure that most of the guests and the celebrant can attend. The key to a successful office baby shower is to maximize the time. Use your lunch break, and if it is possible to extend it for another hour, go for it.

However, don’t go beyond a 2-hour limit as that won’t bode well with HR and the higher-ups.

Tip 4: Opt For Catering

Hiring professional baby shower catering DC companies for the party. This way you don’t have to stress or worry about the food because the experts will have it covered. Plus, the best baby shower catering DC companies can do creative table designs that will match the theme of the baby shower.

You’ll have both the food and decor covered with very minimal stress and effort on your part.

Tip 5: Skip The Games

The office, even during a party is still a place of business and professionalism. If the baby shower is taking place during work hours, even during the lunch break, skip the games as it can get too noisy, rowdy, and disruptive.

An office baby shower should be a time for the mom to be and her co-workers to celebrate her baby and bond before she goes on maternity leave. It doesn’t have to be a loud and extravagant bash; delicious food and good company are all you need.

Are you planning to host a baby shower? Saint Germain Catering is a baby shower catering DC company that can make things happen. Now all you got to worry is how to have fun with family and friends!

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