How to Hack Password on Windows 7/8/10 Computer


If you forgot your login Password for Windows , then you can log in into Window to break the password.  If you have Windows password RD (Reset Disk), then you can manually reset the password. If you access another admin account, that allows you to reset your password easily. If you don’t have any of these options, then the only option is to know how to break windows password.

If you unable to login into your windows and that is the only problem, then you don’t need to worry at all. With PRB (Password Recovery Bundle) you are guaranteed to hack your Windows computer immediately. All that you need to do is install PRB on the available computer to generate a Windows password reset disk then bring the computer to open your locked computer and hack the password on any Windows versions, including Windows XP/Vista/ 7/8/10.

Method#1: Hacking the login password on Win 7/8/10 with NT Password

You can also hack the Windows password with an efficient tool known as Offline NT P & R (Password and Registry) Editor.  This tool works offline as well that allows you to shut down and switch off your computer with the floppy disk, USB device, or CD.  This tool comes with the following features:

  • You can set a new password if you forgot your old password
  • It allows you find and unlock disabled or locked out user accounts
  • It also contains registry editor and other utilities that works under Unix/Linux and can be utilized various other things not just for password editing.

Method#2: Unlock Password on Windows computer use iSeepassword

If you forgot your computer password and the built-in admin is also not working and doesn’t have a reset-disk, then you should install software that can help you hack your computer. iSeepassword is the perfect software that can help you hack your password easily.  iSeepassword can helps you reset the login password on Windows computer in four simple steps:

Step 1: Download and install the iSeepassword on another computer as your computer is locked.

Step 2:  After installing the software, insert a CD/DVD or USB and create a bootable password reset disk.

Step 3:  Link the reset disk to your computer and restart the computer and set the option to boot from the CD/DVD or USB on BIOS Setting

Step 4: Select the locked account and password , then click the “Reset Password”button , reboot your computer , at this time , you are allow to access your computer without password .

After unlocking the system, with the bootable password RD switch on the computer. The software displays the list, and, select the account of which you forgot the password. Press reset password key to unlock the password. Now, you can type another new password by removing your old password.

Method#3: Reset Windows Password via Command Prompt

The other easy method that allows you to hack the Windows admin password is to change the password of several non-admin accounts. But, to do this you must have admin privileges. Here you can find easy steps to hack the password:

  • Open the Command Prompt
  • At the prompt type net user and press enter
  • Now, your computer will show a user accounts list, now choose the account by name to reset the password.
  • Now, the system will ask you to provide the new password, once you provide the new password, then instantly it will allow you to use the system.


Use any of these methods to hack your computer when you forgot your password. iSeepassword is the best password unlocking software of them , and it can help you unlock a locked computer that runs Windows 7/8/10. The best thing about this software is that there will not be any data loss or corruption when you are trying to hack the password. Not only that, it also includes many different password unlock tutorials .